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Public Health advisory graphic with Dept. of Health and Environment logo

Public Health Advisory: Avoid contact with water in Indian Creek until further notice

In collaboration with Johnson County Wastewater, the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) has issued a health advisory to residents living along Indian Creek Trail from approximately 116th Terrace to  College Boulevard, due to an overflow of the sanitary sewer manhole into a ditch near Indian Creek Trail and Bluejacket Street in the city of Overland Park. The ditch runs east to Indian Creek, near Switzer Road.

JCDHE advises individuals to have no contact with Indian Creek at this location until further notice. The Indian Creek Trail is open for use, however, residents are also advised to keep their pets from making contact with the water.

Johnson County Wastewater crews have unblocked the line and are in the process of cleaning the ditch. The department is monitoring this location and conducting water tests on the creek to determine when this notice can be lifted. An update will be sent once this notice is lifted.