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Airport Commission

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Executive Airport

Johnson County Exec Airport





T-Hangar Replacement Power Point


**UPDATE FOR August 2, 2017**

I am pleased to announce that the taxilane between buildings L and M are scheduled to reopen on August 21.  The next phase on the West-3 taxilanes will also begin August 21, and is estimated to take approximately 28 to 35 days to complete.  This phase involves the reconstruction of the taxilanes on the north side of Building L, and both sides of Building K (please see attached Phase I map).  Access to these hangars, as well as access to the airfield for these hangars will be closed during this timeframe.

The Airport Commission recognizes the inconvenience during this time and will credit the effected tenant’s rent payments for the days that access to the hangar and airfield is closed.  Tenants that need to fly their aircraft during this shut down are welcome to utilize the southwest transient ramp (Southern Portion of West-2), and the northeast transient ramp (East-1) at Johnson County Executive Airport.

Additionally, we are aware of drainage concerns associated with the new pavement south of building M and on both sides of building N.  We are working with our engineering and construction contractors to remedy the situation and will communicate updates to those tenants as we receive information.     

I thank each one of you for the patience you have displayed while we work through all of the challenges this year, and as always, please do not hesitate to contact me or stop by my office should you have questions.


Larry Peet

 Please feel free to call Larry Peet at 913-715-6005 should you have any questions or concerns.


Weather permitting, here are the estimated dates on the most recent schedule for the Construction around the Northeast Ramp and West T-Hangars.  Please keep in mind the schedule is updated almost daily. 

Phase B – Hangar 2 ramp on northeast ramp - complete 6/5

Phase C – Hangar 1 ramp on northeast ramp and southern edge of ramp to taxiway E - start 6/6 – complete 8/5

Phase 4 – West t-hangars south side building M, all of building N - complete 6/28

Phase 2West t-hangars south side building L, north side building M - start 6/28 – complete 8/19

Phase 1 – West t-hangars all of building K, north side building L - start 8/21 – complete 10/18


Dear East T-Hangar Lease Holders at Johnson County Executive Airport,

We want to start by saying thank you.

Thank you for your patience over the last several months as we work to reset after the wind storm damage at Johnson County Executive Airport.

Thank you for working with us to remove all of the planes that were in hangar bays.  Thank you for updating your contact information with the Airport Commission Office.  Thank you for removing all of your personal items while the buildings were being assessed. Thank you for your ongoing communication with our staff.

Recently, the Johnson County Airport Commission directed airport staff to start the process of repairing Oscar and Romeo hangars. These two easternmost hangars appear to have experienced the least amount of damage of the five east Ts.  The County has been working with its property insurance company and Olathe codes administrator to come to the conclusion that these two hangars can be repaired.  The minimum best case scenario based on available of vendors and supplies timeline for this work will be approximately 244 calendar days. This timeline includes the following phases: 1.) design phase; 2.) bidding for the repair work; and 3.) repair phase.   

Additionally, the Airport Commission directed airport staff to start the process of rebuilding the Papa T-Hangar.  The County has been working with its property insurance company and the Olathe codes administrator to come to the conclusion that this hangar will be too expensive to repair and should be rebuilt.   The minimum best case scenario based on available of vendors and supplies timeline for this work will be approximately 316 calendar days from the start of the design phase. This timeline includes the following phases: 1.) design phase; 2.) bidding for construction work; and 3.) construction phase.

Lastly, the Airport Commission has directed staff to research a possible large hangar model to be rebuilt in the place of Tango and Sierra T-Hangars.  If you would like to offer your thoughts on a possible large model your comments can be sent to: larry.peet@jocogov.org.   Preliminary information on a large hangar model can be found here:  https://www.jocogov.org/dept/airport-commission/executive-airport .   Staff will be bringing this information to a future Airport Commission meeting so that a decision regarding which hangar type will be constructed in this location.

As we work our way through the different repair/rebuild phases we will provide you with additional information as it becomes available.

Again, thank you for your patience and partnership through this rebuilding effort.

Very Respectfully,

Aaron Otto, Executive Director

Johnson County Airport Commission


Located at 151st Street and Pflumm Road, between the cities of Olathe and Overland Park, Kansas, Executive Airport is in the heart of Johnson County's economic belt and is the choice for many corporate, business, and general aviation users.  With over 40,000 annual operations and approximately 210 based aircraft, Johnson County Executive Airport is the fourth busiest towered airport in the state of Kansas.

Master Plan:

T-Hangar Evaluation Study:

Pavement Study (draft):

Facilities: The airport is located on approximately 500 acres of land with a 4,100' single runway, parallel taxiways, Federal contract air traffic control tower, and medium intensity airfield lighting. Localizer/DME approaches are available from the north and the south.

Services: In addition to all standard aircraft services, airport businesses offer air charter, aircraft sales, and flight instruction services from smaller single-engine aircraft up to corporate jets.

History: Originally constructed as a Naval auxiliary field during World War II, the airport was deeded to the City of Olathe in 1951 and from the city to Johnson County in 1967. The Board of County Commissioners created the Johnson County Airport Commission to manage, operate, and improve the airports. With over 50,000 annual operations and approximately 210 based aircraft, the airport is the third busiest in the state of Kansas.

Improvements: Improvements to the airport include a new concrete runway and localizer with MALSR lighting system. The west parallel taxiway was reconstructed and a holding bay added to the south end for improved traffic handling.

T-Hangars: The County owns and operates a total of 218 T-Hangars at both Johnson County airports. Aircraft owners wanting to rent a T-Hangar should call (913) 715-6000 to check availability or email larry.peet@jocogov.org.  View the T-Hangar Waiting List Policy for additional information or download the following documents:  Executive Airport (OJC) Map Layout2015 Rental RatesT-Hangar Waitlist RequestT-Hangar Maintenance Request, or Contact Information Update.

Aviation Businesses: Following is a list of resident aviation businesses at Executive Airport:

  • Air Associates, L.L.C. - Full-Service Fixed Base Operator
  • Airfield Technology - Flight Inspection Systems and Navigation Aids
  • Dynamic Aero, Inc. - Specialized Aviation Service Operator
  • Executive Aircraft Engines, Inc. - Aircraft Engine Repair
  • Heartland Airplanes, L.L.C. - Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions
  • KCAC Aviation - Full-Service Fixed Base Operator
  • KCCopters - "A Johnny Rowlands Company" specializing in helicopter training, professional pilot program, tours, KMBC-9 helicopter, and helicopter fleet
  • Red Rock Helicopter, LLC - Helicopter maintenance, inspections, overhauls and rebuild