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Dispatch Phone: 913-715-8267

Scheduler Phone 913-362-3500

Call Center Phone: 816-221-0660

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JO Connex

In 2013, Johnson County Transit launched The JO Connex on the Metcalf and Shawnee Mission Parkway corridor. The JO Connex is a modification of the previous Route 556 – Metcalf-Plaza and utilizes new transit infrastructure along the corridor, including the new Mission Transit Center located at 5251 Johnson Drive.

The JO Connex will provide faster and more direct service due to:

  • Only stopping at designated locations
  • Streamlined route alignment
  • Use of Transit Signal Priority along the corridor
  • Use of “Queue Jumps” at 75th Street and 110th Street

The JO Connex will feature a dramatically improved passenger experience due to:

  • New Bus Rapid Transit-style buses
  • New Mission Transit Center to facilitate transfers to and from other JO routes
  • New transit stations at the Rosana Square Park & Ride and at major destinations along the corridor. Most stations will include benches, shelters, and other amenities.
  • Route information kiosks with real-time electronic signage that displays the estimated arrival time of the next bus based on the actual location of the bus and projected travel time
  • Improved pedestrian access
  • Trail improvements at or near bus stops from 87th Street to 105th Street.

These improvements are the result of the Kansas City Regional TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) Award that is funding transit, trail, and pedestrian infrastructure improvements throughout the region. This project was supported by recent planning efforts of Johnson County Transit, the City of Overland Park, and the City of Mission.

The Route

The JO Connex – like the existing Route 556/856 – will operate from 119th & Metcalf in Overland Park to the County Club Plaza, Troost, and UMKC in Kansas City, Missouri. Some trips extend further south to 137th Street. Buses will operate approximately every 30 minutes in both directions during rush hours (roughly 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.). Buses will run approximately every hour during midday hours.

Mission Transit Center - The Mission Transit Center at 5251 Johnson Drive in downtown Mission, Kansas replaced JCT’s former transfer facility at 6000 Lamar. The new transit center has six bays for buses to load and unload passengers—with room for two additional buses if needed—and provide improved comfort and convenience for passengers.

New Transit Stations - In addition to the transit center, new transit stations have been completed along Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park and along Martway Street and Johnson Drive in Mission. Different stations will have different amenities, but include benches, shelters, route information kiosks, real-time signage, bicycle racks, trash receptacles, landscaping, and improved pedestrian and bicycle access.

Transit Signal Priority - Traffic signals along the route have been programmed so that The JO Connex buses are able to receive an early or extended green light at intersections if the bus is running behind schedule. This system provides improved efficiency and reliability for passengers and builds on the other improvements along the route.

Queue JumpsThe JO Connex will also utilize “queue jumps” at 75th Street (northbound and southbound) and 110th Street (northbound only). At these intersections, a specialized bus signal will allow buses to pull up to the intersection in the right-turn lane and “jump” ahead of traffic while all other signals are red. See video below for an example on how this works.


Park and Ride Locations

Drive to a park and ride location, leave your car or bike, and ride The JO to work. The JO park and ride lots are free of charge to all JO commuters (except for the KU park and ride in Lawrence, which is subject to KU Parking rules and fees). In addition, MARC has a regional map showing some of The JO park and ride lots.

Park & Ride


Routes Served

Mission Transit Center
5251 Johnson Dr.
Parking next to Wendys on the south side of Martway just east of the transit center.

546 - 556 - 660 - 661
667 - 672 - 856

Nazarene Church
Mur-Len & Sheridan

Strang-Line Park & Ride
Heartland Community Church

Strang-Line Rd at 122nd St
next to Steak 'n Shake

660 - 661 - 672
National Guard Armory
Robinson & 56 Hwy
All trips where bus is leaving base
Availability varies - call 913-715-8267 for info.
Overland Park South of I-435
JCCC - Carlsen Center
546 - 575 - 660 - 672 - 710-K10 - 875
KU Edwards Campus
North side, behind bookstore
Rosana Square
119th & Metcalf - between
McDonalds and Price Chopper
556 - 664 - 856
Palazzo 16 Theatre
137th & Antioch
South end of parking lot
556 - 673 - 856
Overland Park (North of I-435
Oak Park Mall
(in Mall parking lot off Nieman south of Bank Midwest, northeast of Macy's
546 - 575 - 670 - 672 - 875
Metcalf Mall
95th & Metcalf
556 - 664 - 856
66th & Hilltop
between Price Chopper and
La Petite on outer road
Shawnee Station
63rd & Lackman
IHOP - Park on west side of building
Santa Fe & Energy Center Dr.
west of Wal-Mart
4th & Nelson
Park at Johnson County Library


19th & Haskell
Haskell Square Plaza
KU Parking - (Clinton & Crestline Lot #4
The KU Park and Ride is subject to KU Parking rules. Please call 785-864-7275.
KU Parking & Transit

Rider Guide

How To Ride

RideKC Logo

How do I find my route and stops?

Bus stops are convenient: Buses will stop along the route on a hand signal anywhere in Johnson County except on The Metcalf/Plaza (401), Metcalf Downtown (404) and the K-10 Connector (710) which only stop at designated locations. Riders can only board buses between first and last time points on bus schedules (or the bus shelter on Robinson at the JCT facility). Riders cannot board on exit/entrance ramps, highways or interstates, right-turn lanes or other possible unsafe locations.

There are several ways to find a route:

  • Call Center: call 816-221-0660 for personal assistance finding a route. Operators can help plan your trip and give information on RideKC, The Metro (KCMO) or The Bus (KCK).
  • Google Trip Planner: use the link on the right menu to enter a time and a pair of addresses. Google will suggest transit options.
  • System Map: PDF map on the right menu shows all routes in Johnson County. Find a route near your location and look up that route schedule to find detailed information.
  • Route Schedules: Details for each route in service. You can search by city or route name.

Park and Ride locations are available throughout the county to provide additional opportunities to access the transit system.

Boarding RideKC

Plan to arrive at your stop early.  Wave at the driver to stop.  As the bus approaches, please check the destination sign on the top front of the bus. If you are not sure it is the route you want, ask the driver before you board and pay your bus fare.

All Transit vehicles are handicap accessible. Please save seats in the front of the bus for disabled and elderly riders.

RideKC buses are equipped with bike racks, bike and ride is encouraged.  Bikes ride for FREE!

Please have fare ready when boarding to minimize delays.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

One-way fares are: Standard Express $1.50; K-10 Connector $3.00;

The fare box will take all modern U.S. coins and bills up to $20. If you overpay, the driver will provide a change card on request for use on future trips. The change card cannot be redeemed for cash, only future rides.

10 Ride passes can be purchased online only from our web store, with a discount off cash fare.

Reduced fare is available to elderly and disabled riders. Reduced fares apply to eligible paratransit riders and youth 6-17 years of age.


A free transfer can be requested from your driver when boarding. The card is good for 90 minutes on any RideKC route, Metro or The BUS. When boarding with a transfer, just dunk the card in the farebox.


Please use the pull cords above the window to signal the driver for a stop. Pull the cord one block prior to your stop to allow time for a safe stop.

Remember to take all your belongings before getting off the bus. If you accidentally leave something on the bus, call the lost & found at 913-715-8267.

What are the rules when riding the bus?

No weapons, smoking, food or unlidded beverages. One seat to a person, please store bags on the floor or on your lap. Code of Conduct

Would transit save me money?

When you factor in costs for insurance, maintenance and gas; transit is cheaper than owning an extra vehicle. See our calculator.

How reliable is transit?

Register for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program by calling 816-842-RIDE. The GRH Program provides two free taxi rides home per year in case of emergency. http://www.marc.org/rideshare/grh.htm

Sign up for our rider alerts. An email will be sent whenever a deviation or route change will affect your route (such as major construction or a parade).

Use JO Trax to follow your bus' location, or get the RouteShout app to quickly see predicted time schedules.

Transit may take a little longer, but has great economic and traffic benefits.

What is RideKC ACCESS?

RideKC ACCESS (formerly The JO - Special Edition) provides affordable scheduled curb-to-curb service for Johnson County residents:

  • With a documented disability, OR
  • Monthly family income within low-income guidelines as listed.

Environmental and Sustainability issues.

The RideKC Code of Conduct (.pdf)

Strategic Plans

JCT Planning

Johnson County Transit recognizes the need to continue expanding transportation options in Johnson County and the Kansas City region. Under the guidance of the Johnson County Transportation Council, JCT conducts planning projects to develop strategies for expanding transit service and infrastructure as funding becomes available.

Recent planning activities have led to the successful implementation of The JO Xpress and Bus-on-Shoulder service in the I-35 corridor, The JO Connex enhanced bus route in the Metcalf and Shawnee Mission Parkway corridor, and a variety of transit station and Park & Ride improvements such as the new Mission Transit Center. JCT also participates in regional transportation planning activities as well as land use and transportation studies conducted by local municipalities. In these processes, JCT promotes the creation of Complete Streets, transit-oriented and sustainable development patterns, and expanding multimodal transportation options throughout the region.

JCT Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was developed jointly by the Johnson County Transportation Council (JCTC) and the staff of Johnson County Transit. The plan is a living document, updated to reflect current realities and changing demographics. Most recently updated in 2011, the plan presents near, medium, and long-term strategies to address the demands for transit in Johnson County. JCT is currently planning an update of the plan, in coordination with JCTC.

START Final Report

START final report and discussion were presented to the Board of County Commissioners in 2011.

The taskforce was charged with: 

  • Studying the county’s Transit Strategic Plan
  • Evaluating current service options, both within the county and metro links
  • Presenting recommendations on future public transportation strategies, including both short-term and long-term financing options for a comprehensive county-wide transit system

Regional Transportation Planning Framework

Johnson County Transit participates in a variety of regional transportation planning efforts, and conducts project planning in accordance with this regional framework. JCT coordinates with the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), Unified Government Transit (UG Transit), and local municipalities on these efforts.

Transportation Outlook 2040 –MARC

Adopted in 2010, Transportation Outlook 2040 is the long-range transportation plan that guides how the Kansas City region will manage, operate and invest in its multimodal transportation system over the next 30 years.

Link: http://www.marc.org/2040/

Smart Moves Regional Transit Vision – MARC

Originally developed in 2002 and updated in 2008, Smart Moves describes how transit should serve the Kansas City metropolitan area in the years and decades ahead. The Smart Moves vision expands on current transit routes and facilities, and recommends existing and new service types, vehicles and facilities to meet local and regional needs.

Link: http://www.kcsmartmoves.org/

A three-phased implementation plan based on Smart Moves is currently being conducted by MARC, JCT, KCATA, and UG Transit.

  • Regional Transit Implementation Plan Phase I: Urban Corridors (completed)
  • Regional Transit Implementation Plan Phase II: Commuter Corridors (in progress)
  • Regional Transit Implementation Plan Phase III: Integration (in progress)

Link: http://www.kcsmartmoves.org/projects/implementation.aspx


Completed Plans and Studies

The following projects have been completed and now serve as a guide for improving and expanding transit service in Johnson County and the Kansas City region.

KU Medical Center Area Planning Study (2012)

Conducted in partnership with a variety of regional partners and municipalities, this study recommended near and long-term infrastructure and transit service improvements in the area of the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. The plan includes attention to The JO Route 667 and to cities in northeast Johnson County. Routes operated by The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) and Unified Government Transit (UGT) are also analyzed in detail.

Link to document (5 Mb)

Metcalf-Shawnee Mission Parkway Alternatives Analysis (2011)

This Alternatives Analysis was performed to assess the trade-offs in costs, benefits, and impacts of different transit modes that would provide enhanced transit service in the Metcalf Avenue and Shawnee Mission Parkway corridors. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) operating in mixed traffic was chosen as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). The Alternatives Analysis recommends a phased approach to expanding service on the corridor.

Link to Executive Summary (1 Mb)

Call for full document (58 Mb)

Metcalf-Shawnee Mission Parkway Transit Planning Study (2009)

This study analyzed and presented options to evolve transit service along the Metcalf Avenue and Shawnee Mission Parkway corridors in the context as presented in Vision Metcalf, the West Gateway Vision Plan, and the East Gateway Redevelopment Plan. This study was a collaborative effort by Johnson County Transit (JCT), the City of Mission, Kansas, and the City of Overland Park, Kansas.

The results of this study led to this corridor being selected, along with other transit corridors in the region, for $10.7 million in federal funding through the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant program. TIGER funded a variety of transit and pedestrian infrastructure improvements in Overland Park, Mission, and Roeland Park that were completed in 2013.

Link to Executive Summary (11 Mb)

Link to full document (1 Mb)

I-35 Fixed Guideway Phased Implementation Plan (2009)

This study expanded on the Alternatives Analysis and provided the basis for implementing Bus-on-Shoulder service in the I-35 corridor. Due to the guidance provided by this plan, The JO Xpress began operation in January 2012, which includes bus-on-shoulder operation on portions of I-35 in Johnson County.

Link to Executive Summary

Link to full document (1.7 Mb)

I-35 Fixed Guideway Corridor Alternatives Analysis (2008)

This study evaluated transit options in the I-35 corridor including commuter rail, which was determined to not be a viable option because of high cost and a low ridership estimate. Bus Rapid Transit using lower cost shoulder running was found to have a significantly higher ridership potential and appeared to be a viable alternative. The BRT alternative would operate on I-35 and would be express in nature, but would include priority treatment such as the ability to operate on the freeway shoulders.

Link to Executive Summary

Link to full document (10 Mb)

Ongoing Projects

JCT is currently participating in the following planning efforts in the Kansas City region.

MARC Planning Sustainable Places

JCT is actively involved in studies being conducted by the cities of Shawnee and Merriam to plan for improved connectivity and future development at important activity nodes on Shawnee Mission Parkway.

City of Shawnee – Community Connections Nieman Road: http://www.cityofshawnee.org/Web/ShawneeCMS.nsf/vwContent/A8F57EF61D47866586257C6A005778A5?OpenDocument

City of Merriam – Shawnee Mission Parkway Corridor Plan: http://www.merriam.org/index.aspx?NID=500

Basic Passenger Infrastructure Improvements

JCT has received federal grant funding through the Bus Livability program to improve transit infrastructure throughout the county. With a focus on high-priority transit corridors identified in the JCT Strategic Plan, JCT is developing plans for improved transit stations at locations throughout Johnson County. More information will be provided as specific locations and improvements are identified.

I-70 Corridor Transit Feasibility Study

JCT is on the Advisory Committee of a team led by KDOT that is reviewing the feasibility of express transit service on the I-70 corridor from Kansas City to Topeka, including Johnson County and Lawrence. This study is expected to be completed in early 2014. The study will consider the position of the K-10 Connector within the study area and potentially recommend future connecting services that will improve mobility throughout the region.

Other Regional Projects

JCT assists with other plans and studies in the region as needed, and also supports many other transit initiatives that will improve mobility in the Kansas City region. These projects include:

  • Kansas City Streetcar Starter Line
  • Kansas City Streetcar Phase II Planning
  • KCATA Prospect MAX Study
  • State Avenue Connex
  • Link For Care

System Map

System map updated: Feb. 13, 2017

The RideKC system map shows bus routes and the KC Streetcar. Flex routes are not shown. The map includes service in Johnson County, Kan., Kansas City, Mo., Kansas City, Kan., and Independence, Mo. It reflects routes effective Jan. 1, 2017. 

If you have a comment, question or suggestion about the system map, please contact us at wehearyou@kcata.org.

The map is available online only at this time. System maps will be posted as several locations throughout the RideKC system in 2017. Detailed information about routes and schedules is available in the Maps & Schedules section of the RideKC.org website. 

System Map [PDF, 2MB].

RideKC System Map

The JO Xpress

In 2012, Johnson County Transit (JCT) began operating The JO Xpress, an enhanced bus service comprised of four commuter express routes that travel along I-35 linking Johnson County, Kansas with downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This enhanced bus service features Bus on Shoulder (BOS) operations during the morning and evening rush hours from 95th Street to the Johnson/Wyandotte County Line near Lamar Avenue.

The JO Xpress buses can travel on the shoulder when traffic on I-35 has slowed to less than 35 miles per hour, thus bypassing congested areas. Buses can’t travel more than 10 miles faster than the traffic on the highway and won’t exceed 35 mph. So, if traffic is moving at 20 miles an hour, buses on the shoulder will be traveling at 30 mph. BOS operations were planned and coordinated with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) and the Kansas Highway Patrol.

In the first year of The JO Xpress and BOS service (2012), ridership on the four routes increased by 12 percent compared to 2011. The JO Xpress buses traveled an estimated 1,350 miles on the shoulder in 2012 with no reported safety incidents.

Other enhancements include new and improved park and ride stations that have been completed at the following locations:

  • 137th & Antioch, Overland Park (The JO Connex and Route 673)
  • 151st & Antioch, Overland Park (Route 673)
  • 122nd & Strang Line, Olathe (Routes 660, 661, and 672)
  • Sheridan at Kenwood, Olathe (Route 661)
  • Great Mall, Olathe (Routes 661, 670, and 672)

Background and Future Expansion
The JO Xpress is the result of the I-35 Fixed Guideway Corridor Alternatives Analysis (Link pdf 0.5Mb) completed in 2008. The study evaluated the feasibility of various transit alternatives on the I-35 corridor, including commuter rail, light rail, additional express bus service, high occupancy vehicle lanes, and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). After an extensive analysis and public participation process, BRT was chosen as the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA).

Further study of the corridor resulted in the I-35 Fixed Guideway Phased Implementation Plan (Link pdf 1.73Mb), completed in 2009. This plan recommended the implementation of Bus on Shoulder service for the I-35 corridor, with enhanced transit stations at park and ride facilities along express routes.

JCT continues to monitor Bus On Shoulder operations in order to plan for the expansion of the BOS network. The recently-completed I-35 Corridor Optimization Plan adopted by KDOT includes recommendations to expand BOS north to the Missouri state line and south to 135th Street/Santa Fe. Link: http://www.ksdot.org/pdf_files/OptimizationPlan2013-06-26.pdf

Additional Materials:

  • Map of service area
  • Fact sheet with additional BOS information
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Video of Public Service Announcement
  • Progress report for BOS, August 2012 (1Mb) Change to year-end report

Transfer - Regional

The JO provides connections to the KC Metro and Lawrence T services. Please refer to timetables on their Web sites. All three services are published on Google Trip Planner. Transfers to Metro (KCMO) buses are free. Transfers to Lawrence services are an additional charge.

In Kansas City, transfers can be made at:

Where JO Route Local Metro Route
Downtown KC, MO 660,661,664,667,
over 30 choices
Downtown KC, KS 546 101,102,103,104,106,107,115
Route 175 down 95th St south along Metcalf Ave to 119th St 556, 664, 667, 856 175
KU Med Center 667 39, 107
Ward Parkway Shopping Center none 51, 54, 175
Waldo 575, 875 25,57,175, MAX
75th & Troost 575, 875 25, 175, Troost MAX
Plaza 556, 856 25,47,51,57,155, MAX, Troost MAX
UMKC & Rockhurst University 556, 856 25, 155, MAX,
Troost MAX
KCI Airport any downtown route transfer to 129
Amtrack @ Union Station any downtown route  

In Lawrence, transfers can be made at:

Where JO Route Local Lawrence Route
KU Park & Ride 710-K10 41 - KU Park & Ride Express
21st or 23rd & Naismith 710-K10 5, 11, 27
19th or 23rd & Haskell 710-K10 1, 2, 5

Transfer Center: Great Mall

 Shown below are all routes that pass through the Great Mall of the Great Plains, lot #25. The Park & Ride is near the South Entrance off of 151st St.

661 - 670 - 672

Great Mall Transfer Center Lot #25
5:00 AM 6:00 AM 7:00 AM 8:00 AM   11:00 AM   2:00 PM   4:00 PM 5:00 PM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM
661 - 5:30 670 - 6:01 670 - 7:31     672 - 11:49   672 - 2:42   661 - 4:15 670 - 5:06 670 - 6:15 670 - 7:08
670 - 5:31 661 - 6:03               670 - 4:41 661 - 5:20 661 - 6:27 661 - 7:14
661 - 5:48 661 - 6:22               661 - 4:45 661 - 5:38    
  661 - 6:27               661 - 4:59 670 - 5:44    
  670 - 6:35                 661 - 5:51    
  661 - 6:47                      
  661 - 6:52               NORTH NORTH    
  670 - 6:59 SOUTH SOUTH           670 - 4:27 670-5:29    
    670 - 7:31 670 - 8:44           661 - 4:55      
    661 - 7:51                    

661 - 670 - 672

Transfer Center: JCCC

Route Map & InformationThis PDF includes a map and schedule of all routes traveling to JCCC.

Shown below are all routes that pass through JCCC at the Carlsen Center. Does not show break schedules for 710, for details, see that route's schedule page.

546 - 575 - 660 - 672 - 710 K10 in orange - 875

JCCC Transfer Center
5:00 AM 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 PM 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 PM

710 K10

6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
        3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00
  6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30
575 - 5:32 660 - 6:21 660 - 7:13   875 - 9:11   875 - 11:11 672 - 12:23 875 1:11   575 - 3:05 575 - 4:10 546 - 5:13    
660 - 5:51 575 - 6:35 575 - 7:38               546 - 3:13 546 - 4:13 575 - 5:15    
  660 - 6:46                 660 - 3:17 660 - 4:13 660 - 5:13    
                    660 - 3:46 660 - 4:43 660 - 5:46    
  546 - 6:40 575 - 7:18 660 - 8:16 660 - 9:16   875 - 11:21   875 1:21 672 2:12 875 - 3:21 660 - 4:45 660 - 5:15 575 - 6:00 575 - 7:08
    546 - 7:20 546 - 8:20 575 - 9:30             575 - 4:55 660 - 5:46 660 - 6:15  
    660 - 7:21 575 - 8:23                   660 - 6:45  
    660 - 7:46 660 - 8:46                      

546 - 575 - 660 - 672 - 710 K10 in orange - 875


Transfer Center: Mission Transit Center

E. Allen Roth Mission Transit Center, at 5251 Johnson Dr, and Parking, please respect business parking.

Which bay do bus routes pull in to board riders?  Click here for full details.

PDF listing of the below transfers table.

546 - 556 - 660 - 661 - 667 - 672 - 856

Northbound buses will depart MTC at :25 and :55

Southbound buses will depart at :10 and :40

Mission Transit Center
BAY 5:00 AM 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 PM 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00
    6:25 7:25 8:25           2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25
1   556 556 556           856 556 556 556 660
3   660 660                 660 660  
5     667                      
  5:55 6:55 7:55   9:55 10:55 11:55 12:55     3:55 4:55 5:55  
1 556 556 556   856 856 856 856     556 556 556  
5 546 546 546               546 546 546  
3   660 660         672     660 660 660  
south end
  667                     661  
      7:10 8:10 9:10           3:10 4:10 5:10 6:10
2     556 556 556           856 556 556 556
4     660 660               660 660 660
6     661                   667  
    6:40 7:40 8:40   10:40 11:40 12:40 1:40     4:40 5:40 6:40
2   556 556 556   856 856 856 856     556 556 556
6   546 546           672     546 546 546
4   660 660 660               660 660  
north end

546 - 556 - 660 - 661 - 667 - 672 - 856


Transfer Center: Oak Park Mall

Shown below are all routes that pass through Oak Park Mall, helping you to make timely transfers. Bus Stop is on the northeast outer road south of the bank and across from Macy's.

546 - 575 - 670 - 672 - 875

Oak Park Mall Transfer Schedule
5:00 AM
6:00 AM
7:00 AM
8:00 AM
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
546 - 5:15 546 - 6:15 546 - 7:13   875 - 9:23 575 - 4:22   546 - 5:21  
575 - 5:42 670 - 6:18 670 - 7:19   875 - 11:23 546 - 4:23   575 - 5:27  
670 - 5:48 575 - 6:46 575 - 7:50   672 - 12:33 670 - 4:47   670 - 5:49  
  670 - 6:52 670 - 7:51   875 - 1:23        
        575 - 3:17        
        546 - 3:25        
  546 - 6:31 575 - 7:07 546 - 8:10 575 - 9:19 670 - 4:23   546 - 5:21 546 - 6:21
    546 - 7:12 575 - 8:12 875 - 11:09 575 - 4:44   670 - 5:26 670 - 6:50
    670 - 7:13 670 - 8:24 875 - 1:09 670 - 4:48   575 - 5:49 575 - 6:57
        672 - 2:02     670 - 5:57 546 - 7:21
        875 - 3:09        

546 - 575 - 670 - 672 - 875


Transit Data

Open Data (~350K) for download and public use.

Data provided in Zip format.

Data is updated as neccessary. Let us know of any cool Mash-ups or Transit Apps created with our data!

AIMS has additional Johnson County GIS datasets available for free or purchase.

To view JO routes on a GIS map, use the AIMS mapping server.

By downloading or using this Data, you are agreeing to comply with The JO's policies and terms of use.