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11811 S. Sunset Drive, Suite 2500, Olathe, Kansas 66061

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About Us: Public Meetings

Sewer-Related Public Meetings

Scheduled Information Meetings, Apportionment Hearings and Public Hearings

Most meetings are held at the Johnson County Wastewater office, 11811 South Sunset Drive, Olathe, Kan. until otherwise indicated.

- A second  information meeting regarding the interceptor capacity improvements directly upstream and downstream of the Meadowbrook Golf Course in Prairie Village and Overland Park is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. at the Indian Creek Rechnology Center (Room A), 4401 W. 103rd Street.

- The first public meeting was held June 2, 2016. 

- An information meeting (open house) regarding the Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion and upgrade was held Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

- An information meeting regarding Mill Creek 15, LSD 6 was held Sept. 17, 2015.

- A Public Hearing regarding a Special Assessment for Lateral Sewer District No. 2 of Little Bull Creek No. 1 was held Thursday, July 23, 2015.

The method of assessment for this district is the Per Homesite Method. This method recognizes the equal benefit to each homesite and apportions costs equally. All 65 homesites within Lateral Serwer District No. 2 of Little Bull Creek No. 1 will pay an equal share of the pressure main costs and the 56 homes that had pumps installed by this project will in addition pay equally for the pump system costs.

-A Public Hearing for Additional Funds for the Gardner Lake Project was held Tuesday, May 26, 2015.

-An Information Meeting for BR25 Estates of Prairie Glen was held Oct. 13, 2014.

-An Information Meeting for Blue River 21, Contract 3, was held Wed., Feb. 26, 2014. 

-An Information Meeting for the Little Mill Creek No. 7 Lateral Sewer Study Area was held Wed., March 12, 2014.

Request for Public Information Meeting Form

Meeting Descriptions

  1. Information Meeting: The Johnson County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) and Johnson County Wastewater hold an information meeting when a property owner expresses interest in their area being sewered and serviced by Johnson County Wastewater. The purpose of the meeting is to share information about sewers with others in the geographic vicinity. Property owners are notified by mail at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
  2. Public Hearing: The public hearing is held to listen to comments and answer questions from property owners about sewers. The hearing is held after a petition has been received from property owners representing at least 51 percent of the land area. Sometimes, the public hearing may be called a "district creation" hearing or a "district enlargement" hearing. Property owners are notified by mail at least 14 days prior to the meeting. (A public hearing may be followed in two (2) weeks by BOCC action in Olathe.)
  3. Apportionment: An Apportionment Hearing is for the purpose of receiving public comment on the proposed split or "apportionment" of costs upon completion of a sewer project within a "benefit" district. This type of district is created to construct and finance sewer facilities to serve a limited geographic area, such as a septic tank neighborhood converting to public sewers. (A public hearing may be followed in two (2) weeks by BOCC action in Olathe.)

Action by the Board of County Commissioners

Johnson County's Board of Commissioners considers the creation or enlargement of a district during their regular business sessions held on Thursday (except for observable holidays).

The Board of County Commissioners' hearing room is located at 111 South Cherry, 3rd Floor, Olathe, Kan.