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Property Resources

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Abstract or Mill Levy Reports
Phone: 913-715-0775

Tax Abstract and Mill Levy reports dating back to 2000 are available. The tax roll is created based on fair market values provided by the County Appraiser. more

Address Search Utilities
Phone: 913-715-1600

AIMS offers three unique tools to query the Johnson County address database to locate and validate Johnson County addresses. The Desktop and Online Utilities... more

AIMS (Automated Information Mapping System) mission is to provide open, efficient, and enterprise access to spatial data at a reasonable cost to aid... more

As a public service the Office of the County Appraiser offers a land records search tool. This search tool provides valuable information including appraised... more

A list of Johnson County commercial and industrial capitalization rates can be found by visiting the Johnson County Appraiser's Office. more

A list of Johnson County's residential appraisal value versus sales price. This information shows 2012 Residential Statistics for Johnson County Cities... more

Archives Collection
Phone: 913-715-0400

The Archives has District Court Civil Cases from 1857-1939. These records are currently only indexed through 1899. If you are able to give the Archives staff a... more

"My ancestor was involved in a lawsuit in Johnson County — where can I find a record of the proceedings?" Archives has records of District Court civil cases... more

Get more information about applying for a blasting permit, learn more about current regulations or how to file a complaint. more

Building Inspections
Phone: 913-715-2200

We will work with you to schedule inspections on every stage of your building project based on codes and standards regulated by the County. Remember, an... more

Get more information about burning permits and applications. more

Calculate Permit Fees
Phone: 913-715-2200

We provide a permit fee table where you can calculate your building permit fee. The permit fee is based on valuation. With the adoption of the 2012... more