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Burglar trying to force open a door with a crowbar

Holiday safety tips from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office

As holiday season approaches, many residents of Johnson County are busy making travel plans to visit friends and family.

If you are making plans to travel this holiday season, make sure you consider some helpful tips to keep your home and property safe.

Light timers

Purchase timers for lights throughout your house and have them set to go off at random times. This gives the appearance that someone is home and should anyone be watching your house, they may take the lights going on in various rooms as someone being in the residence.

Hidden keys

Avoid leaving hidden keys outside or in fake concealment rocks. Burglars often know how to spot these types of hiding places quickly.

Mail pickup

Newspapers and mail piling up can be a sure sign that someone is not home. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to stop by your home regularly to pick up the mail and any deliveries you may receive while gone.

Social media

Don’t post travel plans on social media sites. Even with the strictest privacy settings, this information can be accessed by people up to no good.

House Watch

Request a House Watch. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office offers residents in unincorporated Johnson County, DeSoto and Edgerton this service. Deputies will conduct periodic perimeter checks on the property as their call loads permit. The public can contact Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 913-782-0720 to request a House Watch. Residents living within city limits in the county can contact their local law enforcement to see if they offer a similar service.

As always, we ask the public to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings. The holiday season is a happy time and we do not want criminals to ruin that because we become complacent.

Watch out for your neighbors and if you see anything suspicious, never hesitate to notify local authorities.