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Quit smoking

Quit smoking in 2018

If you’re thinking of quitting tobacco use in 2018, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment can help.

JCDHE recommends using your smartphone to tackle quitting smoking. Staff suggest signing up for a smokefree.gov text messaging program that sends you tips and challenges to help you achieve your cessation goals.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment houses web information on the Kansas Tobacco Use Prevention Program, including tobacco facts and reports, cessation resources and other state-level public health resources.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also maintains useful web resources on smoking and tobacco use, including Kansas-specific facts on tobacco. According to the CDC, 17.7 percent of adults in Kansas smoked cigarettes in 2015 and 4,400 adults die from smoking-related illnesses each year. 

According to CDC data, $1.1 billion was spent on healthcare costs from smoking in 2009 alone.

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