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Home values rising

Appraised values expected to climb as real estate market booms

Strong housing demands combined with a very low supply of homes in Johnson County is causing residential appraised values to climb again this year.

During the week of Feb. 26, the Johnson County Appraisers Office will send homeowners in the county a notice of appraised value.

“Because of the high demand and short supply, most residents’ appraised values are expected to go up again this year,” County Appraiser Paul Welcome said. “We appraise homes based on the fair market value — the price it would bring on an open, competitive market, and because of the strong sales, appraised values are up between 2 and 18 percent on average across the county.”

Property owners have until March 28 to file an appeal to provide additional information, ask questions and discuss concerns about the valuation. Commercial property owners received their notice of appraised values in mid-February and have until March 14 to appeal. The data used to assess home values are available to the public online at jocogov.org/appraiser.


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