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computer hacker with cell phone

Beware of tech support scam

Please beware of a tech support call scam which is currently underway in our region. You don’t want to be the next victim.

The call is from someone who claims to work for a well-known technology company (e.g. Microsoft or Google) and attempts to convince the victim that their computer is either being attacked, is attacking another computer, or is infected with viruses, and that the caller can remediate the problem. Victims who comply with the caller’s requests are highly likely to compromise their computer and experience monetary loss. 

Remember, most legitimate technology companies will not directly call a computer owner unless the computer owner has requested assistance. More importantly, a legitimate technology company will not threaten or harass a computer owner.

What to do in the event of an attempted call scam
If you receive a call:

  • Hang up immediately and report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission
  • Do not rely on caller ID to authenticate a number. Scammers often spoof telephone numbers so that they appear to be coming from another location or entity.
  • Never provide passwords or bank account information over the telephone; legitimate organizations will never call and ask for sensitive information.
  • Do not turn computer monitors off at the request of callers; legitimate organizations will never request the computer monitor to be turned off and will not cold-call users.

If you previously responded to such a call:

  • If you have provided password information to such a caller, immediately change the password for that account. Never use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Use a credible anti-virus program, and enable automatic installation of software patches. It is possible that malware may have been downloaded, so run an anti-virus scan on the computer.
  • If you provided credit card information and the caller charged the account, call the credit card provider and request to reverse those charges. Check financial statements for other unauthorized charges.


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