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Just Imagine a Day Without Water

Imagine: Could you go a day without water? No water to drink or make coffee. No water to shower, flush the toilet or do laundry. Firefighters couldn't put out their fires and farmers couldn't water their crops.

The Value of Water Coalition hosts Oct. 10 as Imagine a Day Without Water, a national effort to educate and inspire people about the value of water, our most precious resource.

Clearly - water is essential and an invaluable resource.

“An investment in our drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems is essential to our national health, safety, environment and economic prosperity,” said Ed Eilert, chairman of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners.

If you think of it this way, there is a finite amount of water. It falls from the sky, flows in oceans, creeks, streams and rivers, or is being used in our homes and businesses. All three, wastewater, stormwater and providers of drinking water, play an essential role in the critical job of protecting the quality of our water.

"Investment in water must be a top priority in order to ensure clean, safe water," said Chairman Ed Eilert.

Be sure to visit JCW’s homepage to view the video, Johnson County Wastewater – What We Do.

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