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David Judd at work at his easel

His passion for art inspires hope in others

David Judd, custodian for the Department of Corrections, demonstrates how working in public service often means going beyond the definition of your job description.

His artistic talent first came to light when he entered a painting in the ArtsKC show. His supervisor and co-workers took notice and consequently, he has moonlighted and created 11 murals for three correctional facilities.

In an environment where people are struggling, his artwork carries messages such as strength and the will to overcome adversity and has been said to inspire hope and belief.

“I paint to improve people’s lives, perceptions and perspectives,” Judd said. “I believe we are all influenced by images and words, everything around us,” he remarked. “I think it has an impact.”

As this video shows, David devotes his many talents to the public good. And as you’ll see, he is very talented.

County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson notes, “David does so much more than just show up and work his shift. He has taken it upon himself to help create a therapeutic environment for the clients in the various Corrections facilities.”



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