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wind farm

Johnson County commits to renewable energy

The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners joined a list of other public entities participating in the Kansas City Power and Light’s Renewables Direct program. The county will purchase power generated by renewable sources for most of its largest energy consuming departments, including wastewater, facilities, library and park and recreation.

On Thursday, June 20, the board approved a 20-year agreement to offset 100% of the power the county purchases from KCP&L with energy from a new wind farm, which may be in operation by 2021. About 55% of the county’s energy usage is provided by KCP&L.

This agreement allows the county to lock in at a fuel price lower than historical prices for the 20-year term, avoiding the financial volatility of traditional power. As a result, the county’s estimated annual financial savings could be nearly $75,000, a total of $1.5 million over the lifetime of the agreement.

“Johnson County has a responsibility to our community to lead by example in reducing resource use and minimizing our environmental impact,” said Brian Alferman, sustainability program manager.  “Along with our energy conservation initiatives, we’re proud to commit to a local power source and a more sustainable future by purchasing renewable energy and spurring its adoption region-wide.”


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