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Lt. Hobart with the U1174 MED-ACT trailor

MED-ACT trailer is ready for summer events

There are plenty of fun activities during the summer months for Johnson County residents. But when you have large events that attract crowds, it’s important to be ready for the unexpected. That includes accidents and injuries. Johnson County MED-ACT is ready to respond and luckily doesn’t have to rush to the scene when help is needed. Crews are already there. Utility 1174 is a small trailer parked at large multiday events in Johnson County, most recently at Old Shawnee Days and on the schedule are  Old Settlers Days and the Johnson County Fair.

This project supports the Department of Homeland Security’s Stop the Bleed campaign, which originated from the joint efforts of the Hartford Consensus, the American College of Surgeons and the National Association of EMTs. The hourlong presentation about bleeding control, wound packing and tourniquet care was developed in response to the Sandy Hook school shooting and progressed after the Boston Marathon bombing and the Las Vegas shooting.

“At each of these incidents, bystanders were some of the real heroes,” said Lt. Rochelle Hobart, MED-ACT. “They provided quick, lifesaving care to victims, even if they were not trained in the medical field.”

In the initial moments of these types of events, first responders may have difficulty accessing the scene and may be overwhelmed by the number of patients. Reports after these events show that bystanders helped with lifesaving treatment, such as stopping bleeding, patient movement and assisting wherever they could. Many victims survived thanks to the care given to them by the public.

U1174 was acquired as an extra effort to prepare our citizens and support our community education’s Stop the Bleed campaign. The goal is to empower the residents of Johnson County to be able to provide lifesaving aid if a similar event were to happen here. The trailer houses “self-treatment” kits, moving equipment, blankets and additional supplies for first responders. If an incident were to occur, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members, event volunteers, police officers and off-duty first responders know to go to this trailer and distribute the kits to bystanders. Each kit includes instructions and tools to help stop bleeding.

“If you are at one of these events and can assist, the key is to first find the trailer,” Lt. Hobart said. “You might want to locate it as you arrive so you know exactly where to go, if necessary. The onsite availability of this trailer provides the best possible outcomes for community members during these major events.”

MED-ACT offers free bleeding control courses to help prepare you for a bleeding emergency. We encourage anyone who is interested in taking a Stop the Bleed course to contact the Community Education division at 913-715-1981. You can also arrange to have a specialist teach your group. For questions regarding the U1174 trailer, contact Lt. Rochelle Hobart at [email protected].


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