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Mary Beverly, Peyton and Penny Postoak Ferguson

County Manager promotes volunteerism in WIC community garden

Johnson County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson and her daughter, Peyton, spent the morning of Tuesday, July 30, volunteering in the WIC community garden. It was an opportunity to spend quality time with family and support one of the many volunteer efforts in the county that benefit low-income families.

Last fall, during the annual United Way campaign, Penny agreed to work eight hours for the team that increased its giving the most. Deputy County Manager Maury Thompson led that winning team. The team included a wide range of departments, such as Health and Environment and the Library.

Penny says she was happy to spend about an hour harvesting nutritious foods with her daughter.

“It was a learning process, but it was a great first trip,” Penny said.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities in the WIC community garden. Watch a video featuring Penny and her daughter's experience in the garden


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