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Resident and radon expert recording podcast

JoCo on the Go: Know your radon level

JoCo on the Go podcast episode #24 addresses radon awareness. Radon is a prevalent issue in Johnson County, with high levels being found in homes throughout our community. K-State Research and Extension agent Denise Dias shares how you can easily find out your home’s radon level. She also explains what’s safe and what needs attention. Also on the episode is Wes Hodgden, a Johnson County radon expert who helps property owners remediate radon. Dan Gathje also joins the conversation as a homeowner who had high levels of radon in his home and now has the peace of mind that the air he’s breathing is safe.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. You can purchase a radon kit for $10 at the Johnson County Extension Office, 11811 S. Sunset DR., Suite 1500, Olathe. Learn more about radon.

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