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A person wearing a medical mask

Information on Governor Kelly’s mask order

Governor Laura Kelly’s mask order remains in effect in Kansas and in Johnson County. On Sept. 11, the State Finance Council voted unanimously to extend the Governor’s State of Emergency Proclamation through October 15. Executive Order No. 20-52 (“EO 20-52”), the Governor’s statewide order requiring individuals to wear masks or other face coverings in public, was tied to the Governor’s emergency proclamation and remains in effect and continues to run with the period of the emergency, currently set to expire Oct. 15, 2020. In Johnson County, E.O. No. 20-52 remains subject to the authority of the Board of County Commissioners to enact less restrictive measures, as allowed by HB 2016.

On July 2, the Board of County Commissioners voted to affirm Governor Kelly’s EO No. 20-52. That vote did not include an expiration date for Johnson County other than when the executive order itself expires or is rescinded.

The Johnson County BOCC will have an agenda item to consider the mask order at its regular business session on Sept. 17 at 9:30 a.m. More information is available here.


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