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Johnson County announces formation of Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles Department

Johnson County residents will now benefit from the efficiency of one county department handling all of their property recording, vehicle registration and taxation needs. Under the authority of the Home Rule Charter approved by the electorate in 2000, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved the organization of a new department to be known as Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles (TTV). This new department joins the treasury, taxation and vehicles responsibilities from the previous Treasury and Financial Management Department (TFM) with the taxation responsibilities of the previous Records and Tax Administration Department (RTA). The remaining support services from TFM and RTA will be combined in the new Financial Management and Administration Department (FMA). 

With the creation of the Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles Department, the county is pleased to offer a customer centric service model focused on identifying ways to better help county residents by optimizing service delivery through increased collaboration. The Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles Department will begin to rebrand itself on documents and other communication channels. The county website will largely remain unchanged at this time, as the County is currently in the process of redesigning its overall web presence and strategy.  

The Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles Department will deliver a full range of services to the public including:        

  • Treasury services: countywide banking services and investment portfolio management.
  • Taxation services: recording of deeds, indexing of all land record documents and mapping services. Creating, maintaining and calculating the annual property tax roll.  Billing, collecting and distributing property taxes to taxing authorities.
  • Vehicle services: issuing and administering vehicle registrations, titles, permits, placards and lien releases as agents for the state of Kansas.

“The Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles Department remains committed to helping our residents and customers through this transition and looks forward to continuing to provide exemplary service to the public,” said Tom Franzen, director of Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles.


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