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Board authorizes emergency services reorganization

Johnson County Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution at the July 29 commission meeting to reorganize Johnson County emergency services. The resolution establishes a Department of Emergency Services, which will include the divisions of – Emergency Medical Services (MED-ACT) and Emergency Management and Communications (which includes 911 services). Paul Davis will service at  serve as the newly formed department director. The reorganization will also transfer the medical director, including related employees, to the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment.

The realignment will maintain all full-time positions and is being done to promote efficiency and effectiveness of Johnson County emergency services. The county’s demands for emergency services continue to increase, but how they are delivered is changing. Those changes include limited funding sources, the evolution of out-of-hospital patient care methods, increased responsibilities in emergency communications and dispatch process, and emergency management and planning. 
“We believe this effort will create greater collaboration between the divisions and allow us to provide improved service to Johnson County,” Emergency Services Director Davis said. 

Learn more about this reorganization.


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