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Human Services

Megan Laha
Interim Director

Johnson County Human Services is the agency of Johnson County government that provides programs and services to residents who are vulnerable because of restricted incomes, issues related to aging, or a disability. The caring, professional staff members provide both safety-net and self-sufficiency services supporting clients’ independence and dignity. Programs are structured under four teams: The Area Agency on Aging, Housing Services, Outreach and Accessibility. The Area Agency on Aging advocates for and assists older adults in maintaining their independence and dignity through community-based services and targets services to older adults with the greatest social and economic need and provides a variety of support services for caregivers. Human Services also operates the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC), a visible and trusted place where people can turn for information, assistance, and a single point of entry to public long-term support programs and benefits. Housing Services receives federal, state and local funds to assist families and individuals with housing needs. Outreach provides a safety net for those in need and a means of moving beyond cycles of aid into self-reliance. The Accessibility Program advocates for full access to all aspects of Johnson County life for qualified individuals with a disability,  providing case management, in-home services, disability awareness, and deaf services. In addition, Human Services offers many opportunities for volunteers to assist us in our mission to provide essential human services to Johnson County residents.