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Board of County Commissioners

Phone: 913-715-0430

111 S. Cherry St., Suite 3300, Olathe, KS 66061

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Clerk of the Board

The clerk is the clerical officer of the governing body and attends to duties necessary to ensure its proper functioning.

The clerk: Lynda Sader, Deputy County Clerk

  • Preserves the integrity of the local legislative process by issuing notices of pending matters and decisions made to assure timely public access
  • Certifies to the passage of all acts, orders and judgments made under the authority of the governing body
  • Serves as the official repository for its official records and instruments of writing, and is custodian of its seal.

The clerk of the board duties include:

Legislative Administration - Provide accurate and timely procedural, technical and administrative support so that responsible, legally-sound decisions can be made to govern the community.

  • Provides procedural and technical support in the scheduling, consideration and transaction of business to ensure conformance with all statutory and legal requirements
  • Assures an "open and accessible" process by providing public notice of forthcoming issues so those impacted by decisions or policies of the county government are able to participate
  • Tracks and coordinates the flow of all items through the legislative process, from introduction through to final disposition
  • Coordinates annual and weekly session schedules as well as the timetabling of a variety of reports, meetings, briefings and other matters
  • Prepares and publishes an agenda for each meeting listing all matters scheduled for consideration
  • Certifies to the passage of all acts, orders and judgments made by authority of the BOCC
  • Processes and maintains all records of appointments made to subordinate boards and commissions within the structure of county government or to organizations outside the county government

Management of Official Records - Provide high-quality, cost-efficient documentation of policy decisions and ensure access to the same in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Prepares and publishes official proceedings of the BOCC
  • Receives, records, catalogues, indexes and archives records which are critical to the operation of county government and which have permanent legal, administrative and historical value in accordance with state law
  • Ensures public accessibility to records in accordance with legal requirements, thereby providing direct accountability to the citizens served by the county government
  • Researches and retrieves records and information and provides general research and reference support
  • Manages the lifecycle of records with regard to legal requirements, probity, continuity and effectiveness
  • Administers, files and preserves official oaths of office

The board’s official documents, agendas, minutes and videos are available online.

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