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Board of County Commissioners

Phone: 913-715-0430

111 S. Cherry St., Suite 3300, Olathe, KS 66061

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Commissioner Elections

The Board of County Commissioners is composed of seven members, each of whom is elected on a non-partisan basis to a four-year term. To ensure equitable community representation, the county is partitioned into six separate but contiguous districts of nearly equal population, with one member elected from each district. As "citizen legislators," the six district commissioners serve in a part-time capacity in order to maintain close ties to their districts.

The seventh member is elected from a district which comprises the total population and geographic boundary of the county and serves a four-year term in office as chairman of the board and chief elected official of the Johnson County Government. Elections are held in November of even-numbered years, with newly elected or re-elected members officially inducted on the second Monday of the following January. No more than half of the total seats stand for election in any single election. County commissioners must be citizens of the United States, registered electors of the state and residents of their district for at least one year prior to election and throughout their respective terms in office. For more information about elections visit the Election Commissioner's website or contact that office at 913-782-3441.

The board convenes in annual session on the second Monday in January, or within 30 days of that date, to organize its membership for the coming year. By long-standing tradition, newly elected and re-elected members are installed, or sworn-in, on the second Monday of January following election. The chief judge of the Tenth Judicial District Court presides over the ceremonies and administers the oath of office to each newly installed member.

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