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Department of Corrections

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Juvenile Intensive Supervision Probation

The Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program (JISP) was developed in 1994 to provide an alternative for juvenile offenders in lieu of removal from the home. JISP clients are either on probation through the District Court or on Conditional Release from the Kansas State Juvenile Correctional Facilities. JISP clients typically have one or more of the following issues:

  • Multiple adjudications
  • Adjudications for serious felonies
  • History of repeated failure on Court Services probation and/or diversion
  • Severe substance abuse problems
  • Family dysfunction
  • Mental illness
  • School failure

JISP is designed to provide structured and frequent contacts with an Intensive Supervision Officer (ISO). JISP has a level system which in driven by the YLS/CMI (Youthful Level of Service Case Management Inventory) assessment.  Each of the four levels correlates to a required number of visits each week/month.

The ISO also initiates contact with:

  • Schools
  • Family members
  • Employers
  • Treatment providers
  • Significant others

All clients participate in counseling, as directed by the Court. They observe a curfew and are tested for drug and alcohol use. Clients participate in community service, as well Corrections-sponsored programs.

For more information go to Conditions & Guidelines.

For more information please view our frequently asked questions or call (913) 715-4555.

“While ISP could stand for Invariably Seeing Potential or even
Investing in the Success of People, it does involve a group of genuinely caring professionals dedicated to helping juveniles during this challenging phase of their lives.”
- Tom Truax, Senior Case Manager, JISP