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John (Jack, Gramps) Folse

John (Jack, Gramps) Folse

Age: 94

Residence: Overland Park

Rank: Started as Pvt ended up as Cpl. in Army and also served in Merchant Marine.

Job duty: Trained as computer repairman. Computers in 1945??? Went over to Japan but computer repair specialists at that location, Machine Records Unit 69, were many in number, many there and none needed. So they made the six of us new arrivals normal regular clerks with an MOS of 521. One and a half years in Merchant Marine making trips to Europe in 1944, 45. Two years in Army over in Tokyo at the end of the war over there.

Highlight of an experience or memory from WWII: None. Everything that happened to me in Japan was normal. I thought. Young punk straight out of high school and knew nothing about people. So I merely accepted everything as normal. No big deal.