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Vernon Richard (Dick) Davy

Vernon Richard (Dick) Davy

Vernon Richard (Dick) DavyAge: 97

Residence: Prairie Village

Branch: Navy

Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Job duty: Shipboard electrician, LCT landing craft operator/50 caliber machine gunner 

Highlight of an experience or memory from WWII:

Vernon Richard (Dick) DavyDrafted in '43; Great Lakes NAS,  boot camp electrical training / LCT training MD; LCT landing craft radio operator, 50 cal guns; participated in actions at Philippines, Leyte, Okinawa, Japan.

I was 10 miles off Japan when they dropped the A-bomb. I thank God and Harry Truman for his decision to drop it. It saved many lives mine included.

Korea: Called back to service for Korea, sailed on USS Missouri to Inchon, served aboard sea plane tender USS Curtis, ferrying atomic bombs for testing on Eniwetok Atoll.