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Emergency Management

Phone: 913-782-3038

111 S. Cherry St., Suite 100, Olathe, KS 66061


County Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP)

Pursuant to K.S.A. 48-929 and K.A.R. 56-2-2, Johnson County Resolutions No. 64-95 and 23-03 provide that the Johnson County Emergency Management and Communications Department (the county’s designated disaster agency) is responsible for the maintenance of the County’s all-hazard emergency operations plan.

The County's Emergency Operations Plan defines the policies, coordination, and roles and responsibilities required to meet the needs generated by a disaster in Johnson County. It also describes the concepts of operations and emergency processes needed to successfully manage such an event. As part of the plan’s regular maintenance, the Department of Emergency Management and Communications has been coordinating the revision of the plan over the course of the last year. This revision ensures that the plan is congruent with state and federal planning guidance.

On April 21st, 2016, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners adopted the CEOP through Johnson County Resolution 028-16.

Johnson County Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP):

  • Full Plan (single document)       PDF
  • 2016 Signed Promulgation       PDF
  • 2016 Signed Resolution       PDF 
  • Basic Plan      WORD     PDF
  • ESF-1 Transportation     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-2 Communications     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-3 Public Works & Engineering     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-4 Firefighting    WORD     PDF
  • ESF-5 Emergency Management     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-6 Mass Care     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-7 Resource Management     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-8 Public Health and Medical     WORD     PDF
    • ESF-8 Mass Fatality     WORD     PDF
    • ESF-8 Mental Health     WORD     PDF
    • ESF-8 EMS     WORD     PDF
    • ESF-8 Biological Incident Annex     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-9 Search and Rescue     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-10 Oil and Hazardous Materials     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-11 Agriculture, Animal Welfare, and Natural Resources     WORD     PDF
    • ESF-11 Animal Welfare     WORD     PDF
    • ESF-11 Animal Health Emergency     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-12 Energy and Utilities     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-13 Public Safety and Security     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-14 Assessment and Recovery     WORD     PDF
  • ESF-15 Public Information     WORD     PDF