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Title Application Period Length of Assignment
Scholarship, Enrichment, Remediation (SER) Week

The Enrichment experience will provide preclinical medical students with the opportunity to explore medicine beyond the classroom. When choosing Enrichment experiences, students will be encouraged to follow their natural curiosity about the art and science of medicine. The intent is that students will grow personally and professionally through these enrichment experiences.  >> Apply Here!

N/A Monday - Thursday during SER week
PGY-3 Family Medicine Resident - Community Medicine Rotation

The Public Health rotation is requirement for all upper-level residents. As the Aim of our program is “to develop physician leaders who partner with their communities to decrease health disparities,” the Public health rotation is designed to help meet our Aim. Understanding of patients’ circumstances and how environments affect individual and community health can guide physicians’ work in a team-centered approach that augments resilience and strengths. To be able to work effectively in underserved settings and positively impact health, family medicine residents must learn and apply methods to understand the multilevel health needs of individuals and communities. Honing these skills will help family medicine residents partner with individuals and communities to address their needs after graduation.(1) The structure of the Public Health rotation will allow residents to work in underserved settings that are non-traditional clinic sites and will give them exposure to community resources through their time with the health department.   >> Apply Here!

N/A One day a week for 4 weeks