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The Johnson County Food Policy Council (FPC) serves as an advisory body that reviews and recommends policies to the Board of County Commissioners and other pertinent entities to strengthen the local food economy and improve access to healthy and nutritious food.

The mission of the Johnson County Food Policy Council is to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, the community and our environment through a just, equitable and sustainable food system in Johnson County.

Through policy recommendations, education and collaborations, we strive to increase access to healthful food that is locally produced when available.

The Johnson County Food Policy Council will:

  • Create a forum for discussion and coordination for community-wide efforts to improve the nutritional, environmental, economic, and social health of Johnson County.
  • Build the capacity of local food policy bodies to find common ground on policy priorities, generate public support for those policies, and educate residents and community leaders on issues in our food system.
  • Develop strategies to effectively address food access, hunger, obesity, community development, economic development, agriculture, food waste, and nutrition and food education.

Members of the Johnson County Food Policy Council will:

  • Serve for a term of three (3) years.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to respectfully engage diverse stakeholders within the community and seek to understand their concerns.
  • Be willing to engage in problem-solving and decision making.
  • Be willing to work in the public interest for the benefit of the food system, rather than directly representing any organization with which they are affiliated.
  • Attend monthly FPC meetings as stated in by-laws.
  • Engage in working groups.
  • Be willing to bring organizational resources to the table.
  • Commit to gaining consensus on issues.