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Aging and Human Services

Central Office: 913-715-8800

11811 S. Sunset Drive, Suite 1300, Olathe, Kansas 66061

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Caregiver Support

The Area Agency on Aging sponsors services to educate, counsel, and advise caregivers and help them deal with the physical and emotional stresses of caregiving.  Other services provide direct care for the older adults to assist the caregiver or give the caregiver a much needed break.

Contact:  913-715-8861 or 1-888-214-4404  toll free  or   E-Mail an Information Specialist

Complete this form to request information or in-home services.

Caregiver Services

  • Caregiver Assessment –a free in-home meeting to review the caregiving situation, determine needs, support the caregiving role and develop a plan of services.
  • Caregiver Counseling – identification of caregiving concerns and approaches to resolving those concerns.
  • In-Home services - such as attendant care or bath aide, housekeeping and chore service, or weekly medication management for the older adult who is the focus of caregiving.
  • Respite Care – temporary relief of caregiving responsibilities for primary caregivers...usually for four hours once a week.

    Some Family Caregiver Support Initiative services are provided free-of-charge. Other services are available on a sliding scale or donation basis.

The Caregiver Assistance News

Request your free monthly newsletter for caregivers. 913-715-8860

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Trualta E-Learning and Print Resources for Caregivers

The Johnson County Area Agency on Aging is offering a personalized innovative eLearning program for family caregivers of loved ones with dementia – part of a national program created by Trualta. They offer skill-based training delivered through an online learning system and printed booklets.

Topics include:

  • Personal care (e.g., tips for showering, toileting)
  • Dementia care (managing difficult situations like wandering, agitation, apathy)
  • Safety and injury prevention (identifying fall risks, safely moving and transferring)
  • Caregiver wellness (e.g., balancing work and caregiving)
  • Insights from dementia expert Teepa Snow

To participate call 913-715-8861.

Request Caregiver Booklets and Brochures   913-715-8861