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Recent Law Library Acquisitions

 2017 Law Library New Arrivals Q 3


1. American law reports, Federal
2. American Law Reports-Federal 1st Series
Call Number: Stacks 7B
3. American law reports federal 3d.
Call Number: Aisle 7B
4. Attorney-Corporate Client Privilege, 3d
5. Benefits coordinator
6. Blashfield automobile law and practice
Call Number: KF 1291 .B57 1999
7. Causes of Action
Call Number: 4B
8. Civil actions against state and local government, its divisions, agencies, and officers
Call Number: KF 1322 .C575 1992
9. Construction Accident Litigation, 2d
10. Couch on Insurance, 3d
11. Covenants not to compete : a state-by-state survey
Author: Malsberger, Brian M.
Call Number: KF 3463.Z95 C68
12. Crimes of violence : homicide and assault
Author: Bailey, F. Lee (Francis Lee), 1933-
Call Number: KF 9305 .B34 1973
13. Discharge of indebtedness, bankruptcy, and insolvency
Author: Tatlock, William.
Call Number: KF 6289.A1 T35 no. 540-4th
14. Drinking/driving litigation, criminal and civil
Author: Nichols, Donald H.
Call Number: KF 2231 .N53 1998
15. Advance Sheets of the Kansas Supreme Court & Kansas Court of Appeals (Kansas Reports & Kan App)
16. Age, sex and disability discrimination in employee benefit plans
Author: Flanagan, William J., 1952-
Call Number: KF 6289.A1 T35 no. 363-5th
17. American Jurisprudence, 2d
Call Number: Aisle 5B
18. American Jurisprudence Legal Forms
Call Number: Aisle 4B
19. American Jurisprudence Legal Forms: Federal Tax Guide to Legal Forms, 2nd ed.
Call Number: Aisle 4B
20. American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated, State and Federal
Call Number: Aisle 4B
21. American jurisprudence proof of facts, 3d series.
Call Number: Aisle 4B
22. American jurisprudence trials; an encyclopedic guide to the modern practices, techniques, and tactics used in
preparing and trying cases, with model programs for the handling of all types of litigation.
Call Number: Aisle 4B
23. American Law of Landlord and Tenant
Call Number: KF 589 .S34 1980
24. American Law of Products Liability 3d
25. The American Law of Torts
26. American Law of Zoning, 5th Edition
Call Number: KF 5698 .A76 2008
27. American Law Reports Blue Book
28. Drinking/Driving Litigation, Criminal and Civil Second Edition
29. Elder law (Missouri Practice)
Call Number: KFM 7880 .M5
30. Employee noncompetition law
Author: Aspelund, Donald J.
Call Number: KF 1625 .A77
31. ERISA Practice and Litigation
32. Expert witnesses in civil trials : effective preparation and presentation
Author: Lancaster, Walter R.
Call Number: KF 8961 .D662
33. Federal criminal code and rules.
Call Number: KF 9606.99 .D567
34. Federal estate and gift tax reports
35. Federal practice and procedure
Author: Wright, Charles Alan
Call Number: KF 8840 .W68
36. Federal trial handbook
Author: Hunter, Robert S., 1919-
Call Number: KF 8915 .H852 2017-2018
37. Fletcher corporation forms, annotated.
Author: Fletcher, William Meade, 1870-1943.
Call Number: KF 1411 .F55 2011
38. Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated
39. Fletcher cyclopedia of the law of corporations.
Author: Fletcher, William Meade, 1870-1943.
Call Number: KF 1384 .F55
40. Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations
41. Franchise and distribution law and practice / by W. Michael Garner.
Author: Garner, W. Michael., author
Call Number: KF 2023 .G37
42. The Georgetown law journal ... annual review of criminal procedure.
Call Number: KF 9619 .G46
43. Guidebook to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts
44. Immigration law and procedure: desk edition
45. Judicial disqualification : recusal and disqualification of judges
Author: Flamm, Richard E.
Call Number: KF 8861 .F62 2017
46. Kansas annual survey.
Call Number: Oversize KFK 81 .K35
47. Kansas civil jury instruction companion handbook
Call Number: SC Ref KFK 1047.A65 .C355
48. Kansas civil jury instruction companion handbook
Call Number: KFK 1047.A65 .C355
49. Kansas lawyer
50. Kansas Statutes Annotated (including Session Laws)
51. Landlord-tenant handbook (Missouri practice)
Author: Brown,Jane Pansing.
Call Number: KFM 7880 .M58
52. Lane's Goldstein Trial Technique, 3rd Ed.
53. Law library journal
54. Law of Law Firms
Call Number: KF 300 .S7114 V.2006 Supp
55. Law of municipal corporations.
Author: McQuillin, Eugene, 1860-1937.
Call Number: KF 5305 .M34
56. Law of Suretyship and Guaranty
57. Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform commercial code
Call Number: KF 879.514 .A53 1981
58. Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform commercial code
Author: Lawrence, Lary.
Call Number: KF 879.514 .A53 1981
59. Legal aspects of selling and buying
Call Number: KF 1649 .L36
60. Legal Ethics: The Lawyer's Deskbook on Professional Responsibility
61. Lender liability law and litigation
62. Life and health insurance law
Author: Best, Franklin L
Call Number: KF 1175 .M48 2017
63. Litigating nursing home abuse cases
64. Manual of model civil jury instructions for the District Courts of the Ninth Circuit
Call Number: KF 8984 M36 2017
65. Marital property law, Rev. 2d
Author: Tingley, John, 1952-
Call Number: KF 524 .T56 Rev. 2017
66. McQuillin: The Law of Municipal Corporations
67. Medicare and medicaid guide

Call Number: KF 3608.A4 C64
68. Michie on banks and banking
Call Number: KF 974 .M5
69. Missouri approved jury instructions (MAI)
Call Number: KFM 8342.6.A65 M57 2012
70. Missouri civil rules handbook (Missouri practice).
Call Number: KFM 7880 .M5 2017-2018
71. Missouri practice: General Index.
Call Number: KFM 7880 .M58
72. Missouri Revised Statutes
Call Number: KFM 7830 2000 .A252
73. Newberg on class actions
Author: Conte, Alba.
Call Number: KF 8896 .C66 2012
74. Newberg on class actions
75. Pattern deposition checklists
Author: Danner, Douglas.
Call Number: KF 8900 .D312 1998
76. Pattern Discovery: Employment Discrimination
77. Pension & benefits week
78. Police misconduct : law and litigation
Author: Avery, Michael, 1944-
Call Number: KF 1307 .A98
79. Prosecutorial misconduct
Author: Gershman, Bennett L.
Call Number: KF 9640 .G46
80. Responsible person and lender liability for trust fund taxes : sec. 6672 and 3505
Author: Vasquez, Juan F.
Call Number: KF 6289.A1 T35 no. 639-4th
81. S Corporations: Federal Taxation
82. Section 199 : deduction relating to income attributable to domestic production activities / by Beth M. Benko.
Call Number: KF 6289.A1 T35 no. 510-3rd
83. Securities Law Handbook
84. Session laws of Kansas.
Author: Kansas.
Call Number: KFK 25 .A2
85. Social Security Disability Claims
Call Number: KF 3649 .G54
86. Sports illustrated
87. Statutes and Statutory Construction
88. Attorney-Client Privilege in the United States
89. West's Missouri Family Law
90. West's supreme court reporter
91. Wharton's criminal law.
Author: Torcia, Charles E.
Call Number: KF 9219 .W43 1993
92. Wharton's Criminal Law, 15th
Call Number: KF 9219 .W43 1993
93. Words and phrases : all judicial constructions and definitions of words and phrases by the State and Federal
courts from the earliest times, alphabetically arranged and indexed.
Call Number: Aisle 4B
94. Structured Settlements, 2d
Call Number: KF 1250 .L472 1993
95. Tax Aspects of Bankruptcy Law and Practice, 3d
96. Tax Aspects of Marital Dissolution

Call Number: KF 6333 .G33 2005
97. Tax Penalties and Interest
98. Trust code and law manual (Missouri)

Author: Hanna, Francis M.
Call Number: KFM 7880 .M5
99. Uniform laws annotated.
Call Number: KF 165 .A5 2012
100. Uniform Laws Annotated