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EMS Provider Continuing Education

Johnson County MED-ACT provides continuing education for all Johnson County EMS providers. This satisfies the continuing education requirements set forth by the Kansas Board of EMS and the National Registry of EMTs. EMS Captains in the Education Division offer continuing education system lectures. Lectures are offered in both the live and distributive format throughout the year.  Almost all continuing education hours are offered on duty. MED-ACT also supports local hospitals with continuing education programs by providing EMS continuing education hours. The live lecture events are open to anyone to attend.  There is no cost for current Johnson County Providers.  Those attending from outside the county are charged an administrative fee to process and maintain continuing education records.

The MED-ACT Education Division plays a key role in educating the entire Johnson County EMS system quarterly, which is approximately 850 EMS providers. This quarterly system training is called Skills and Simulation. These sessions are held on duty and are hands on skills education sessions.  These sessions are for Johnson County EMS providers only and routinely cover topics and skills associated with Johnson County EMS protocols. Skills and simulation is a collaborative effort between Johnson County MED-ACT, Johnson County Fire Department’s training divisions, and the Johnson County Medical Director’s office.

photo of audience in lecture paramedics training

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