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Public Advisory: Weather-related closings/cancelations ... | last updated: 12/15/2019 - 12:51pm | + read more

The six Johnson County Library locations with Sunday hours - Antioch, Blue Valley, Central, Corinth, Lenexa City Center and Monticello - are closed today, December 15, due to snowy conditions.

Johnson County Court Services supervised exchanges have been canceled for tonight.

For the latest snow-related information from the county, check out our Winter Weather Guide, like the county on Facebook and follow the county on Twitter.


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Fax: 913-715-1959

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Frequent Questions

1. What information will I need to complete an application?

The application should contain the following information and forms:

  • College transcripts from paramedic program
  • Certification and/or Registry number(s) and expiration date(s)

2. What happens after my application is on file?

All the information provided by you is officially verified. This verification includes, but is not limited to, confirming your prior work and education history, reviewing your driving history, and conducting a complete criminal background check.

3. What type of testing is required during the hiring process?

A complete description of testing (pre and post offer) can be found here: Employment Testing Process.

4. What should I wear when I come to participate in the pre-employment hiring process?

Professional dress is appropriate for the interview. Business casual is appropriate for the patient care scenario.

5. If I am made a job offer, what will be my starting salary?

The Chief of the department or designee will make you a job offer and inform you of your starting salary. This will be contingent upon your prior education and work history.

6. Is my starting salary negotiable?

The Chief does have some latitude on the starting salary.

7. Do you offer relocation (i.e. moving expenses) assistance?

Relocation expenses may be reimbursed for people who have to move their residence to the KC metro area.

8. Are there any special conditions to my employment?

Once you are made a job offer and you accepted, it is contingent upon successful completion of post-job offer requirements.

9. What are the post job offer requirements?

A complete description of testing (pre and post offer) can be found here: Employment Testing Process. In addition, paramedics must obtain Kansas Licensure by a mutual agreed upon date.

10. What should I wear when I come to participate in the post-offer process?

You should wear business casual clothing for the Psychological assessment and work out clothing for the other components of the post-offer process.

11. When will the post-offer process be scheduled and how long will it take?

The post-offer process is scheduled almost immediately following your acceptance of the job. It will take you several hours to complete the Psychological assessment and several hours to complete the other components of the post-employment process. When possible, everything is scheduled to be completed on the same day.

If this is an emergency,
please call 9-1-1