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Testing Process

The pre-employment evaluation consists of the following:

  1. Clinical Interview –The Clinical Interview will allow the candidate the opportunity to share their knowledge about one of many possible patient presentations. You will be given enough information to discuss development of possible differential diagnoses based on presentation, further information will be provided that allows you to discuss potential assessments and/or assessment tools, and finally the candidate will verbally outline their treatment plans for the particular etiology. All components of the Clinical Interview are based on National Standard EMT-Paramedic Curriculum. The discussion points, assessments and treatments in this Clinical Interview are NOT protocol based, but instead have been referenced directly from Paramedic Education text.
  2. Patient Care Scenario - Candidates will be evaluated in their ability to manage an EMS call. The scenario is designed to evaluate your assessment, diagnostic, and communication skills. It is crucial this scenario be run like a true call and limit a "testing" like feel. It may include opportunities to demonstrate the following skills:
    • patient interaction
    • patient assessment
    • formulating complete care plan
    • drug administration
    • dynamic ECG interpretation
    • directing other team members
  3. Panel Interview - Candidates will spend approximately 30-45 minutes answering general questions about prior education, work history, work ethic, and attitudes about EMS.


The Chief or designee will make employment offers to those candidates successful in the assessment process.

Post-Offer Testing

Successful completion of post-offer testing is required.

  1. Psychological assessment
  2. Drug screening
  3. Physical Ability Assessment-designed to ensure paramedics have the physical ability necessary to perform essential physical functions of the job. Candidates will have an opportunity to meet with Med-Act Assessment Reviewers prior to the administration of the assessment to learn the course layout and practice the job tasks. Assessment includes but not limited to:
    • Obtain and carry equipment
    • Walk up and down stairs with the equipment
    • Unassisted patient drag (approx 165 pound mannequin move approx 10 feet)
    • Compression and CPR Simulation
    • Lift and carry patient on spine board up and down stairs
    • Cot utilization
    • Loading of the cot
    • Timed C-Spine stabilization simulation


If this is an emergency,
please call 9-1-1