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Planning & Development

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In an effort to follow social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) will be conducting the June 4, 2020 public meeting online using Zoom Webinar.   

Please watch the broadcast of the BOCC meeting from our link below or on Facebook Live for a live feed or later when the video is posted.
Visit https://boccmeetings.jocogov.org/onbaseagendaonline

If you have information or comments related to the Planning agenda items that you would like to have presented to the BOCC, we encourage you to submit that information in writing. Please email any comments/statements to the BOCC-Clerk@jocogov.org by noon on Wednesday, June 3rd, before the Thursday BOCC meeting. Comments received by noon June 3rd will be shared with the entire BOCC prior to the meeting. Please include your name, address, and the application you wish to comment on. If you are unable to email the comments, you may call (913) 715-0424 and we will record your information.   

The agenda for the June 4th, 2020 Board of County Commissioners’ meeting includes six Planning agenda items.  The public may participate in and offer comments on these agenda items during the meeting using the Zoom Webinar via the Zoom app, website, or phone.  Members of the public who want to watch the meeting but do not wish to comment should use the online broadcast links listed above.  

  • To provide comments/speak live at the meeting regarding any Planning items via Zoom Webinar, please email BOCC-Clerk@jocogov.org or call (913) 715-0424 with your name and address, and the email address or telephone number you will use for the Webinar meeting and the agenda item you desire to comment upon no later than noon on Wednesday, June 3rd, before the Thursday BOCC meeting. The invitation for joining the meeting and a link for the Webinar will be emailed to those who have signed up to speak at the online meeting.  If you do not have email, details and instructions will be provided via return telephone call.
  • For each agenda item, following the staff and applicant presentation, the Moderator will call on individuals who have requested to speak in the order the request was received.  
  • When it is your time to speak, the Moderator will recognize you by the name or address used to sign up for Zoom. When you start to speak, please identify yourself by your name and address. You will have 3 minutes in which to speak, unless the Chair of the Board designates a different time period in order to accommodate all the speakers.
  • If you are not called on by the Moderator during the hearing or application you desire to comment upon, you may use the “Raise Hand” function in the Zoom app to request to speak. To activate this function, click “Raise Hand” in the Webinar Controls at the bottom of the screen. By phone, you may raise your hand by dialing *9.  Please do not utilize the raise your hand function until the start of the application you desire to comment upon.
  • For those who do not have access to the internet, and therefore cannot participate via the web, a telephone call-in number will be provided to anyone who requests this option.


The Planning and Building Code Office Re-Opening with Necessary Precaution

Updated: Monday, May 11th, 2020

Although the Johnson County Administration Building has opened, with the health of customers and staff in mind, we respectfully ask that you consider contacting the office by either phone or email. We are able to assist you through the email addresses or phone number below to schedule an appointment or for all normal business purposes. All building permitting and inspections can be processed online. Please visit the Building Codes homepage for more information. If there are circumstances where you may require an in-office visit, please continue to practice all COVID-19 precautions. 

Any Planning, Zoning, or Code Enforcement inquires can be sent to: PLN-PlannerOnDuty@jocogov.org

All other inquires for the Planning and Building Codes Department can be sent to: PLN-BuildingCodes@jocogov.org

Both of the above emails will be regularly monitored Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

For building permit and inspection self- service please visit: https://www.mygovernmentonline.org/

Planning, Development, and Building Codes Main Desk Phone Number: 913-715-2200.

The Planning and Codes department is responsible for ensuring the coordinated, efficient and safe development of the County for all current and future residents by providing professional contractor monitoring, building codes enforcement, development and land use reviews and recommendations, long-range planning, and geographic and socioeconomic analyses.

Our mission is to ensure coordinated, efficient, and safe development for current and future County residents and businesses by providing professional long-range planning; policy and demographic analysis; development plan reviews; zoning and building code enforcement; and construction contractor licensing, education, and monitoring.

Department News

June Meeting Cancellations
May 29, 2020

The following meetings have been cancelled:

Southeast Consolidated Zoning Board - June 3, 2020

Northwest Consolidate Zoning Board - June 15, 2020

Board of Zoning Appeals - June 17, 2020

Southwest Consolidated Zoning Board - June 24, 2020


Upcoming Events

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Mon, 06/15/2020 - 7:00pm

Canceled - Northwest Consolidated Zoning Board

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 5:30pm

Canceled - Board of Zoning Appeals

Tue, 06/23/2020 - 5:45pm

Planning Commission Meeting

Wed, 06/24/2020 - 6:00pm

Canceled - Southwest Consolidated Zoning Board

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 6:30pm

Southeast Consolidated Zoning Board