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The Challenge 

Information Technology can improve efficiencies and business processes for government agencies as well as private entities.   For organizations to stay current and relevant with Information Technology, it requires considerable financial resources and human expertise.  Unfortunately some smaller agencies in Johnson County do not have the financial or technical resources to stay competitive and are put at a disadvantage supplying services to citizens and businesses within their respective communities.


As organizations within Johnson County started to connect their physical networks for application and data sharing, it became apparent the potential to provide other services like end user technical support. In an effort to provide more efficient government, the county has extended IT services to 7 public organizations. A thorough IT assessment has been performed my Johnson County senior IT personnel in areas such as networking, server, desktop and software applications. The goal was to implement standards and best practices, as well as to provide proactive infrastructure monitoring tools to quickly identify potential problems.


IT services to external agencies has provided substantial cost savings and better service to these organizations. The financial contributions that these agencies provide for services has allowed the county to hire an additional resource to support not only this program, but also provide support to county departments. By providing a stable infrastructure, 24x7 technical support and other various shared services like Internet bandwidth – these agencies can deliver more efficient government services to their constituents.


As other agencies enquire about participating in our Shared Services program, it will become imperative to be able to provide additional human resources for adequate support. The county will also need to invest more resources into its Fiber Master Plan to provide network connectivity and data access to those entities that are not currently on the county’s fiber network.