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Dispatch Phone: 913-715-8267

Scheduler Phone 913-362-3500

Call Center Phone: 816-221-0660

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Severe Weather

RideKC is committed to providing our patrons, safe, comfortable and timely transportation. RideKC always plans to run ALL routes in a timely manner. Unfortunately, inclement weather can affect our operations. We plan for anticipated weather events and take proactive actions in an attempt to minimize delays and inconvenience to our patrons. While each event may dictate a different response, some of the proactive actions Johnson County Transit will take are:

  • An established snow plan for extreme cases.
  • Dispatch buses early in order to compensate for poor road conditions and traffic congestion so they may reach their first pick-up points as close to the published pick-up times as possible.
  • If available, dispatch additional buses to compensate for slower route travel times and minimize passenger wait times.
  • Post delay times on Facebook and Twitter so that patrons can check on service delays.

Despite our pre-planning and best efforts, service can be affected by events out of our control. Traffic congestion is the primary cause of service delays. Our dispatch system and Dispatchers respond real-time to situations as they occur in an effort to keep service a smooth as possible.

As always we are glad to hear from our patrons and appreciate any suggestions on how we can improve our service.

National Weather Service