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Dispatch Phone: 913-715-8267

Scheduler Phone 913-362-3500

Call Center Phone: 816-221-0660

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Rider Guide

How To Ride

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How do I find my route and stops?

Bus stops are convenient: Buses will stop along the route on a hand signal anywhere in Johnson County except on The Metcalf/Plaza (401), Metcalf Downtown (404) and the K-10 Connector (710) which only stop at designated locations. Riders can only board buses between first and last time points on bus schedules (or the bus shelter on Robinson at the JCT facility). Riders cannot board on exit/entrance ramps, highways or interstates, right-turn lanes or other possible unsafe locations.

There are several ways to find a route:

  • Call Center: call 816-221-0660 for personal assistance finding a route. Operators can help plan your trip and give information on RideKC, The Metro (KCMO) or The Bus (KCK).
  • Google Trip Planner: use the link on the right menu to enter a time and a pair of addresses. Google will suggest transit options.
  • System Map: PDF map on the right menu shows all routes in Johnson County. Find a route near your location and look up that route schedule to find detailed information.
  • Route Schedules: Details for each route in service. You can search by city or route name.

Park and Ride locations are available throughout the county to provide additional opportunities to access the transit system.

Boarding RideKC

Plan to arrive at your stop early.  Wave at the driver to stop.  As the bus approaches, please check the destination sign on the top front of the bus. If you are not sure it is the route you want, ask the driver before you board and pay your bus fare.

All Transit vehicles are handicap accessible. Please save seats in the front of the bus for disabled and elderly riders.

RideKC buses are equipped with bike racks, bike and ride is encouraged.  Bikes ride for FREE!

Please have fare ready when boarding to minimize delays.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

One-way fares are: Standard Express $1.50; K-10 Connector $3.00;

The fare box will take all modern U.S. coins and bills up to $20. If you overpay, the driver will provide a change card on request for use on future trips. The change card cannot be redeemed for cash, only future rides.

10 Ride passes can be purchased online only from our web store, with a discount off cash fare.

Reduced fare is available to elderly and disabled riders. Reduced fares apply to eligible paratransit riders and youth 6-17 years of age.


A free transfer can be requested from your driver when boarding. The card is good for 90 minutes on any RideKC route, Metro or The BUS. When boarding with a transfer, just dunk the card in the farebox.


Please use the pull cords above the window to signal the driver for a stop. Pull the cord one block prior to your stop to allow time for a safe stop.

Remember to take all your belongings before getting off the bus. If you accidentally leave something on the bus, call the lost & found at 913-715-8267.

What are the rules when riding the bus?

No weapons, smoking, food or unlidded beverages. One seat to a person, please store bags on the floor or on your lap. Code of Conduct

Would transit save me money?

When you factor in costs for insurance, maintenance and gas; transit is cheaper than owning an extra vehicle. See our calculator.

How reliable is transit?

Register for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program by calling 816-842-RIDE. The GRH Program provides two free taxi rides home per year in case of emergency. http://www.marc.org/rideshare/grh.htm

Sign up for our rider alerts. An email will be sent whenever a deviation or route change will affect your route (such as major construction or a parade).

Use JO Trax to follow your bus' location, or get the RouteShout app to quickly see predicted time schedules.

Transit may take a little longer, but has great economic and traffic benefits.

What is RideKC ACCESS?

RideKC ACCESS (formerly The JO - Special Edition) provides affordable scheduled curb-to-curb service for Johnson County residents:

  • With a documented disability, OR
  • Monthly family income within low-income guidelines as listed.

Environmental and Sustainability issues.

The RideKC Code of Conduct (.pdf)