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Customer Service: Residential Billing

Utility Assistance for Renters Impacted by COVID-19

The Kansas Housing Resource Corporation (https://kshousingcorp.org) opened the Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance program (KERA), using Federal funds allocated through the Covid Relief program. The KERA program, administered by the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation, is making COVID-19 relief funds available for qualified tenants with past due utility costs incurred since April 1, 2020.  To apply for assistance, contact the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation at (785) 217-2001 or visit https://kshousingcorp.org/emergency-rental-assistance/.

Calculating Your Residential Sewer Charges

2021 Rate Table - Residential/Multi-Family Customers

Service Charge             $18.14                        Bimonthly
Volume                         $8.54                          Per 1,000 gallons
Volume                         $0.00854                    Per gallon
The default volume amount for single family residential is 11,400 gallons.

Appeals Submittal

Johnson County Wastewater has established the following procedures for consideration of appeals. Below are the categories in which you may appeal. You may dispute one or all of the categories. 

A. Appeal Types:

  • User Classification: User charges are determined in part by the classification of the customer. Persons wishing to appeal a change in their user classification shall contact Johnson County Wastewater in writing within 30 days after receipt of the bill, stating the basis for the appeal.
  • Average Winter Water Use:
    • Persons wishing to appeal the water use volume used for billing are encouraged to call Johnson County Wastewater Customer Service at 913-715-8590 to discuss the basis of the appeal within 30 days of receipt of the bill.  If you prefer to submit a written appeal, or if you are unsatisfied with the results of the appeal conducted via phone, please download the Appeals Form or call customer service to obtain a copy of the form. 
    • Residential customers may appeal only the annual calculated charge (determined by applying average winter usage to the entire year).
    • To consider this appeal, Johnson County Wastewater reserves the right to request information in support of the determination of the volume of wastewater. This information includes, but is not limited to, water consumption history.
    • Keep in mind, your Johnson County Wastewater bill is established by using the winter water volume used the previous winter.  Therefore, irrigation or other water used in the summer may not impact your wastewater bill.

B. Obtain an Appeals Form in one of two ways:

  1. Call Johnson County Wastewater's Customer Service Center at 913-715-8590
  2. Download the Appeals Form

C. Send your completed form by either:

           Johnson County Wastewater
           Manager, Customer Service
           11811 South Sunset Drive, Suite 2500
           Olathe, KS 66061-7061

  • Fax to 913-715-8501

Johnson County Wastewater will respond to submitted appeals by U.S. mail or email within two (2) weeks of receiving the appeal. This written response will confirm receipt of the Appeals Form. Upon recommendation by the Manager of Customer Service, the Johnson County Wastewater Appeals Committee may consider the appeal.

Do you still have questions? Please contact Johnson County Wastewater's Customer Service Center.