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Permitting: Commercial

New Commercial Building Construction

If you have any questions regarding commercial permitting, please contact the "Commercial Permitting Group". 

To acquire a building permit for a new commercial building in Johnson County Wastewater’s service area, a Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit must first be issued to the property owner from Johnson County Wastewater.  Project plans should be submitted to Johnson County Wastewater at the same time they are submitted to the city for building permitting.

The following documents are provided to guide the property owner, building owner, engineer, contractors, and other interested parties through the Commercial Building Sanitary Sewer Connection permitting processes and to identify the requirements for the Johnson County Wastewater Permit Site Plan and other project drawings.

Once all required documents are provided to the department, please allow up to 14 calendar days to receive initial review comments.  Please allow up to seven (7) calendar days to receive comments for all subsequent reviews until permit issuance. Reviews are completed as quickly as possible in the order in which they are received.

Tenant Finish, Building Expansion, or Change of Use for Commercial Buildings

For building expansions or tenant finish of existing building space(s) occurs, Johnson County Wastewater requires the property owner and/or tenant to complete an application and submit construction plans for review by Johnson County Wastewater.  A Johnson County Wastewater permit is required in all locations where a new water utility meter is installed, the water utility meter size is increasing, and for food service facilities.  The documents included on this page are provided to guide the property owner, building owner, engineer, contractors, and tenant through the permitting process and to identify the requirements for Johnson County Wastewater's Commercial Permit Site Plan and other project drawings.  Once all required documents are provided to Johnson County Wastewater, please allow 14 calendar days to receive initial review comments.  Please allow seven (7) calendar days to receive comments for all subsequent reviews until permit issuance. Reviews are completed as quickly as possible in the order in which they are received.

Commercial Project Fees

Sewer connection fees are based on the water meter size for each building or tenant space as issued by the water utility (e.g. WaterOne, City of Olathe, BPU, et al).  The Johnson County Wastewater connection fee schedule applies and customers are required to obtain a sewer connection permit for all new water meters or when a water meter size increases.  Fees are due to Johnson County Wastewater at the time the meter or meter size change permit is issued by the water utility.  Fees for meter size increases will be calculated as the difference in fee between the existing meter and the new meter.  The $220 Johnson County Wastewater permit fee, the $440 commercial review fee, additional special inspection fees, and/or grease permit fees continue to be charged for permits as applicable.

Connection Fees: The 2021 connection fee schedule by meter size is as follows.  This schedule does not include the $220 permit fee, special inspection fees, or grease permit fees.  Please contact a Johnson County Wastewater Commercial Plan Reviewer at 913-715-8520 to discuss meter fees when the meter is larger than two (2) inches and the size is required to accommodate water-in-product or cooling tower makeup water.

METER SIZE                             CHARGES

5/8"                                           $4,400

3/4"                                           $6,600

1"                                              $11,000

1.5"                                           $22,000

2"                                              $35,200

3"                                              $66,000

4"                                              $110,000

6"                                              $220,000

Miscellaneous Fees

Commercial Plan Review Process

Commercial Permit Process Guide

Submit projects through the mygovernmentonline.org portal.

Commercial Sanitary Sewer Permit Checklist

This is a guide for submitting project information for commercial building and tenant finish projects to Johnson County Wastewater for review.  Please note the additional checklist items for projects which include food and/or beverage service.

Please see the document Johnson County Wastewater's Procedures for Privately Financed Gravity Sewer Main Extension for commercial building projects where a new main extension is needed to serve the commercial project site in question. Paragraph Q includes requirements for sewer connection permit issuance for commercial projects when main extension projects are necessary.  The Main Extension review and the Commercial Sewer Permit review process are two separate processes that may proceed in parallel.

To monitor the progress of the sewer main extension project, access the Sewer Project Status page.  Submittal history and the status of required project information can be monitored. Select the project name from the dropdown menu then select the “Check Status” link.  If you are unable to find the project in the list, please call Johnson County Wastewater's Permit Group at 913-715-8520.

Commercial Sanitary Sewer Permit On-Line Application 

Electronically apply for and submit all commercial building and tenant finish projects in Johnson County Wastewater’s service area through the My Government Online portal.  Please see the Commercial Sanitary Sewer Permit Checklist above for submittal requirements.  Complete all fields in the application and upload all required documents to allow processing and review to proceed. Please contact JCW’s Commercial Permit Review Team at 913-715-8520 with questions.

This is the first step in applying for a sanitary sewer commercial permit.  The document provides information about the applicant, project team, and other project details for permitting to Johnson County Wastewater.

Permit Execution Requirements

Johnson County Wastewater permits shall be issued to the Property Owner.  The Property Owner may sign the permit or may authorize another individual to pick up and sign the permit on the Owner’s behalf.  The Owner must provide the company name(s) and individual’s name(s) for permitting.  The individual authorized to execute the permit is responsible for providing a copy of the permit and all associated documentation to the Owner.
By authorizing another individual to execute the permit on the Owner’s behalf, the Owner acknowledges the following understanding in addition to all conditions of the permit:
The Owner understands and acknowledges that connection fees assessed pursuant to the Johnson County Wastewater Sewer Use Code (the Code); are assigned based on the water meter size and use of the building as it is designed at permit issuance and when a new meter or existing meter size is changed by the water utility or if the use, expansion or modification to the building occurs for tenant finish, the plans must be submitted to Johnson County Wastewater for review.  Based upon that review, a Modified Use Permit may be required that could result in the assessment of additional connection fees.  Upon completion of the review process, the Owner remains responsible for the payment of any additional connection fees associated with the Modified Use Permit and satisfaction of any conditions contained in the permit.
The Owner further understands and acknowledges that if a Modified Use Permit is not obtained and additional connection fees paid prior to the issuance of a City or County Occupancy Permit, the additional permit fees are considered delinquent and shall be assessed and collected (plus interest) in the manner provided by the Code and applicable Kansas law.

Commercial Sanitary Sewer Permit Site Plan Requirements 

Here is an outline of drawing requirements for the Commercial Sanitary Sewer Permit Site Plan.  The permit site plan is required for any permit that includes exterior sewer piping and associated appurtenances. It becomes part of the issued permit and a record of the installation.

Commercial Permit Site Plan Example [pdf]  [dwg zip file]

Service Line Design & Construction Standards - Version 2017 

This document includes the Johnson County Wastewater design and installation requirements and material specifications for sanitary sewer service lines and appurtenances.

Johnson County Wastewater's Standard Detail Sheet [pdf]

The detail sheet includes:

  • cleanout
  • tee orientation and riser
  • manhole base section
  • standard embedments
  • reinforced concrete encasement
  • standard pre-cast manhole (eccentric and shallow-type)
  • saddle
  • concrete collar
  • impervious ditch check
  • flexible wall connection
  • concrete manhole adapter
  • casing pipe and end seal

Prohibited Discharge Statement

This is a list of materials and chemicals prohibited from being discharged into the sanitary sewer system.  The Prohibited Discharge Statement shall be completed, signed, and the original Prohibited Discharge Statement returned to Johnson County Wastewater by the property owner or tenant for permit issuance.

Wash Bay Application

To be completed by a Kansas PE and returned to Johnson County Wastewater (along with the standard application and other required submittal items) for review of areas used for washing vehicles, other equipment, or other items.  Please note that an exterior basin with an orifice on the discharge is required for all wash bays.  Instructions for completing the application and providing additional information (including orifice basin design and sand-oil interceptor sizing) are included in the application.

Public Pool Permit Checklist

This provides guidance for submitting site and orifice basin design information for public swimming pools.  Only sand filter backwash and saltwater discharges are accepted from a pool to the sanitary sewer.  These pool discharges to the sanitary sewer shall be limited by an orifice located in a basin located outside of the building.  The JCW Public Pool Form must be completed and submitted for all pools.  Please refer to the Pool Flowchart for guidelines regarding pool and backwash discharges to storm or sanitary sewer and subsequent JCW submittal requirements.  

Orifice and Basin Detail  [pdf [dwg zip file]  (for wash bays and public swimming pools) .

Grease Interceptor

Please visit Grease Interceptor Design, Inspection, and Operation Requirements for more information.

Grease Interceptor Detail  [pdf]  

Sand-Oil Interceptor

Design calculations (utilizing the sizing table) shall be completed and sealed by a Kansas PE and returned to Johnson County Wastewater for areas with floor drains in vehicle accessible areas.  Please see the interceptor detail [pdf].  Also, see the Wash Bay Application for areas to be used for wash down.

Johnson County Code of Regulations for Sanitary Sewer Use - 2003 Edition

This provides definitions, permit requirements, pretreatment requirements, enforcement remedies, and other regulations for the use of the sanitary sewer system in the Johnson County Wastewater service area.  Sanitary sewer connection and modified use permit information is included in the Code.