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Permitting: Residential

The Johnson County Wastewater connection fee schedule does apply and customers are required to obtain a Sewer Connection Permit for all new water meters or when a water meter size increases. Fees are due to Johnson County Wastewater at the time the meter or meter size change permit is issued by the water utility. Fees for meter size increases are calculated as the difference in fee between the existing meter and the new meter. The $220 Johnson County Wastewater permit fee, the $440 commercial review fee, additional special inspection fees, and/or grease permit fees continue to be charged for permits as applicable.

Residential Sewer Connection Permit

To acquire a building permit for a single-family residential building or for a multi-unit residential building, where each unit in the building has a separate connection point provided on the sanitary sewer main, a Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit must first be issued to the property owner from Johnson County Wastewater. Existing residential buildings connecting to the sanitary sewer from a septic system or holding tank must also obtain a Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit.

The following information is required for issuance of a Residential Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit:

  • Correct building address
  • Correct legal description of property including: lot number, subdivision name, and plat number or, if the property is not platted, the full boundary description
  • Name, address, phone number, and email address of the property owner
  • Name, address, phone number, and email address of the builder
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of the interior and exterior plumbers
  • Effective Jan. 1, 2014, when applying for a sewer permit, Johnson County Wastewater needs to know the size of the water meter as issued by the water utility.
  • Copy of the plot plan showing the entire lot, the building, and the proposed routing of the building service line under any of the following conditions as applicable: septic to sewer, more than one building on the lot connecting to sanitary sewer, large lots that require more than 100 feet of service line on the lot to serve the building, or for lots that are to either be split, combined with another lot, or platted

Connection Fees: The 2021 connection fee schedule by meter size is as follows. This schedule does not include the $220 permit fee, special inspection fees, or grease permit fees.









Once all required documents are provided to Johnson County Wastewater, please allow one (1) business day for preparation of the Residential Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit. Please see Service Line Design and Construction Standards for information regarding the service line requirements.

Service Line Repairs are addressed at the bottom of this page.

Residential Permit Application

This application is for a Single Family Residential Permit in a platted subdivision. If the lot is not platted, please call Johnson County Wastewater's Permit Group at 913-715-8520 to request the permit. Please select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the application page to submit your application. You will be notified by email when your application is processed.

Residential Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit Checklist

This is to be used if you decide to request a Residential Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit. Simply call Johnson County Wastewater's Permit Group at 913-715-8520, and be sure to provide them with the information listed in this checklist.

Permit Execution Requirements

Johnson County Wastewater permits shall be issued to the Property Owner. The Property Owner may sign the permit or may authorize another individual to pick up and sign the permit on the Owner’s behalf. The Owner must provide the company name(s) and individual’s name(s) for permitting. The individual authorized to execute the permit is responsible for providing a copy of the permit and all associated documentation to the Owner.
By authorizing another individual to execute the permit on the Owner’s behalf, the Owner acknowledges the following understanding in addition to all conditions of the permit:
The Owner understands and acknowledges that connection fees assessed pursuant to the Johnson County Wastewater Sewer Use Code (the Code); are assigned based on the water meter size and use of the building as it is designed at permit issuance and when a new meter or existing meter size is changed by the water utility or if the use, expansion or modification to the building occurs for tenant finish, the plans must be submitted to Johnson County Wastewater for review. Based upon that review, a Modified Use Permit may be required that could result in the assessment of additional connection fees.  Upon completion of the review process, the Owner remains responsible for the payment of any additional connection fees associated with the Modified Use Permit and satisfaction of any conditions contained in the permit.
The Owner further understands and acknowledges that if a Modified Use Permit is not obtained and additional connection fees paid prior to the issuance of a City or County Occupancy Permit, the additional permit fees are considered delinquent and shall be assessed and collected (plus interest) in the manner provided by the Code and applicable Kansas law.

Service Line Design & Construction Standards - Version 2017

This is a list of Johnson County Wastewater's design and installation requirements and material specifications for sanitary sewer service lines and appurtenances.

Johnson County Wastewater's Standard Detail Sheet

The detail sheet includes cleanout, tee orientation and riser, manhole base section, standard embedments, reinforced concrete encasement, standard pre-cast manhole (eccentric and shallow-type), saddle, concrete collar, impervious ditch check, flexible wall connection, concrete manhole adapter, casing pipe and end seal, etc.

Johnson County Wastewater's Code of Regulations for Sanitary Sewer Use - 2003 Edition

This provides definitions, permit requirements, pretreatment requirements, enforcement remedies and other regulations for the use of the sanitary sewer system in the Johnson County Wastewater service area. Sanitary sewer connection and modified use permit information can be found in the Code.

Service Line Repairs

Under the Johnson County Sewer Use Code, service line repairs are required to be inspected by Johnson County Wastewater to verify the repair work has been completed in accordance with Johnson County Wastewater's Service Line Design and Construction Standards – Version 2017. There are no fees for repair inspections. Please call Johnson County Wastewater's Permit Group at 913-715-8520 to request the inspection or for additional information about repair requirements.