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Common Options for Backup Prevention

JCW’s Backup Prevention Program is voluntary and options should be discussed with your plumbing contractor. There is no one size fits all option .

JCW does not specify any make or model of backup prevention device or preferred method

Backwater Valve Options

A contractor may recommend a backup prevention valve on the sanitary sewer service line (typically before it exits your home). The contractor will remove small portion of your basement floor to expose the service line and install the valve. The valve will require regular maintenance, so we recommend putting the valve in a location that’s easily accessible.

Typical Backwater Valve Installation

Typical Backwater Valve Installation

JCW recommends discussing the type of valve the plumber recommends. Links to websites for some common backwater valves below:

Sewage ejector pump

A contractor may recommend a sewage ejector pump as an alternative to a backup prevention valve when floor and laundry drains are the only basement plumbing fixtures. Sewage ejector pumps go in the basement. The drain lines from the floor drains and sinks are connected to its basin. The pump inside the basin has a float system that when activated will move solids and liquids to a higher elevation before it enters the home’s sanitary plumbing again.

Typical Sewage Ejector Pump Installation

Typical Sewage Ejector Pump Installation

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