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Recommended annual maintenance on the Backup Prevention Device

Any maintenance, repair, or replacement costs associated with the backup prevention device or any modifications of the plumbing shall be the responsibility of the property owner following the one (1) year warranty period.

Backwater Valve Maintenance

Option 1 – You can contact a local plumbing company and have them perform the manufacturer recommend annual maintenance.

Option 2 – DIY - if you follow these steps just once a year (twice a year for older and high use properties), you can ensure your valve is doing its job.

What you’ll need:

  • Flashlight
  • Disposable rubber gloves
  • Long handle toilet brush
  1. With gloves on, remove the cap of your backwater valve. Carefully check the cap’s O-ring for signs of damage and replace if necessary.
  2. Inspect the valve’s interior with the help of your flashlight. You can remove any large blockages (like wads of paper) by gloved hand.
  3. Your backwater valve flapper must be able to open and shut with ease and be free of all impairments. Remove the flapper and carefully check the edges, top and bottom of your gate and remove all build-up. Replace the flapper carefully, ensuring that it swings freely once it is seated back into the hinge.
  4. Check the gate’s O-ring for signs of damage and replace if necessary.
  5. Use your toilet brush to scrub the interior of the valve.
  6. With the interior clean and your flapper opening and closing with ease, re-apply the cap tightly but be careful not to cross thread.

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