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Phone: 913-715-8500

11811 S. Sunset Drive, Suite 2500, Olathe, Kansas 66061

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Customer Service: Payment Options

Utility Assistance for Renters Impacted by COVID-19

The Kansas Housing Resource Corporation (https://kshousingcorp.org) opened the Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance program (KERA), using Federal funds allocated through the Covid Relief program. The KERA program, administered by the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation, is making COVID-19 relief funds available for qualified tenants with past due utility costs incurred since April 1, 2020. To apply for assistance, contact the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation at (785) 217-2001 or visit https://kshousingcorp.org/emergency-rental-assistance/.

1. Manage Your Account Online

This method offers free electronic check payments. You may also pay your wastewater bill using your credit card online. A convenience fee of 2.4 percent will apply to all credit/debit card transactions.

2. Direct Debit

Save time and money by paying your wastewater bill automatically. Direct Debit makes paying your wastewater bill much easier and there's no transaction fee. To sign up, simply Register your account on the Johnson County Wastewater CSS Website and select the Payment menu then Automatic Payment Signup and fill in the required information.  Please note any current balance due will need to be paid separately.  The Automatic Payment will take effect on your NEXT bill.

If you prefer, you may download and complete the Authorization Form and mail it to us. Please allow up to four (4) weeks for your request to be processed. You are responsible for payment until this direct debit service is established.

3. By Phone

Dial 913-715-8590 and the system will assist you with making your payment.  A convenience fee of 2.4 percent will apply to all credit / debit card transactions.  There is no additional charge when paying over the phone with a check. NOTE: Paying by check in our automated system requires a PIN.  If you do not have a PIN, please call Johnson County Wastewater's Customer Service Center at 913-715-8590 for assistance.

4. Drive By, Use Our Dropbox

You don't even have to get out of your car. Customers who are out and about can use our dropbox. As you enter the parking lot, it is located to the left on the median to the Sunset Building. A sticker with the Johnson County Wastewater logo helps to identify it.  Johnson County Wastewater strongly discourages cash payments placed in the Dropbox. The preferred method is check or money order.

5. The U.S. Mail

To pay by mail, please return the lower portion of your statement along with a check or money order in the envelope provided. The remittance address should show through the envelope window. If you do not have a return envelope with your statement, your payment should be mailed to:

Johnson County Wastewater
PO Box 219948
Kansas City, MO 64121-9948

NOTE: Customers who mail their payment in an envelope that they address themselves or those who use a corporate billing system or outside bill paying service must update to the address shown above. This process requires an average of seven (7) to 10 days for mailed payments to reach us and for us to record them in our system. If there's not adequate time for your payment to reach us by mail, please use one of the other payment options listed.

6. In Person

Walk in payments are accepted Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.  


A convenience fee of 2.4 percent will apply to all credit/debit card transactions.

Do you still have questions? Please contact our Customer Service Center.