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Building Blocks for Anti-Racism

Department Path: 

Johnson County Mental Health Center has an organizational commitment to anti-racism. These are the building blocks for carrying out that commitment.

One: Staff-Driven Toolkit

Employees from across JCMHC contributed resources for a toolkit to create a better understanding of the impacts of racism on the Black community and how to talk with co-workers, clients and community members. This toolkit has been shared with all employees.

Two: Connection & Reflection

JCMHC is offering opportunities for employees to practice effective dialogue on topics related to organizational change and anti-racism. These gatherings are bi-weekly and feature a learning opportunity and breakout sessions. These conversations are primers for the other building blocks.

Three: Facilitated Focus Groups

JCMHC is in the process of hiring an outside consultant to lead small group conversations. These focus groups will provide in-depth and practical insights on organizational improvements.

Four: Action Planning for Long-Term Change

Staff members will take the feedback received from the other building blocks to identify short-term and long-term priorities. Individuals and groups will work on implementing these goals for sustained, long-term improvements on behalf of staff, clients and the community.

Five: Lead the Way

The Executive Leadership Team commits to leading the way for county departments in the recommendation and implementation of county-wide policies that reflect the priorities that emerge from these building blocks.

The primary focus of these building blocks is how racism is experienced by the Black community and how our staff and organization can be anti-racist. The outcomes and organizational change created by this framework will provide a foundation for long-term change regarding diversity, equity and inclusion in all its forms. This is the beginning, not the end.

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