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Transit Public Comment

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On January 30, 2020, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners authorized a public comment process for possible adjustments to the RideKC in Johnson County fixed route transit system. That process has now begun, and we will be gathering feedback through surveys, email and in-person meetings.

The details of the proposed changes to six fixed routes in Johnson County are below. If you would like to offer feedback on these changes, or to leave a comment about transit issues in general, you can scroll to the bottom of this page for an online survey. This same survey will be provided via bulletin on every bus in the Johnson County system, and can be filled out on board the bus, or returned by mail. 

You can also email staff directly at Transit.Comment@jocogov.org or through the comment box at the bottom of this page. 

Staff will hold six, in-person open house meetings the week of March 2 - 6 to gather feedback and comments on the proposed changes. The dates and locations for those meetings are:

Background information on proposed fixed route changes:

In 2018, Johnson County and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority conducted a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) to identify improvements to fixed route performance and efficiency. In 2019 the county launched a MicroTransit pilot. This analysis included the elimination or reduction of low performing services, as well as the expansion and reallocation of services that experience substantial ridership growth. Based on the results of the COA and on input from the Johnson County Transportation Council and the Board of County Commissioners, KCATA and Johnson County staff have developed plans for a series of changes to the fixed-route system that further these goals. Details are below; you can see a map of the proposed changes here.

  • 401 Metcalf-Plaza: The southern segment of the route would be modified. Service to Prairiefire (137th & Outlook) would be discontinued due to low ridership (approximately seven riders per day) and cost of service. Instead, the southern terminus of the route will alternate between Johnson County Community College and Rosana Square. This allows for the addition of midday and evening service to JCCC. In addition, trips will be added to extend the “peak” periods of the route where service operates at 30-minute frequency. You can see a draft schedule here.
  • 402 Johnson-Quivira: This route, which averages fewer than 70 riders a day, is being considered for elimination, with some segments of the route being combined with the 403 Antioch-Olathe. Existing 402 riders will have several options depending on location:
    • 403 Antioch-Olathe: Renner and College in Olathe, portions of Nieman and Johnson Drive in Shawnee
    • 118 18th Street: Roe Boulevard in Roeland Park, and 18th Street in Kansas City, KS.
    • 475 Quivira-75th Street: Quivira Road south of 75th Street, Oak Park Mall and Johnson County Community College
    • Micro Transit
  • 403 Antioch-Olathe: Route would be modified to serve portions of the existing 402 Johnson-Quivira. The number of trips and the frequency of service will not change, but the schedule would be adjusted to accommodate the new segments of the route. In addition, the portion of the route in downtown Kansas City would be modified to serve the new East Village Transit Center at 12th & Charlotte when this facility opens in summer 2020. Direct service to Crown Center and Union Station would be discontinued, with multiple other routes providing transfers to these locations. . You can see a draft schedule here.
  • 475 Quivira-75th Street: The route would be extended to 75th and Prospect to serve the new Alphapointe Transit Center and connect to Prospect MAX, and trips would be added to the route to achieve a consistent schedule, with 30-minute frequency in peak hours and hourly frequency in the midday and evening hours. Service to KU-Edwards would be discontinued due to low ridership (fewer than 15 a day). You can see a draft schedule here.
  • 495 95th Street.: This route is being considered for elimination due to low ridership and redundancy with other services. The 475 Quivira-75th Street and 75 75th Street routes provide service along portions of the corridor. In addition, the highest ridership segments of the 495 route are also within the micro transit service area.
  • 595 Gardner-OP Express: Service to Edgerton and Logistics Park Kansas City would be discontinued due to low ridership (fewer than 10 riders a day). The number of trips would be reduced to levels that existed prior to the Edgerton expansion that occurred in April 2018. Five trips would be provided from Gardner to downtown in the morning and five return trips in the evening. Two trips in the morning and afternoon would continue to provide “reverse commute” service to Oak Park Mall and the Gardner/New Century areas. You can see a draft schedule here.

To share your thoughts on the proposed recommendations, please fill out the survey below. You can also email us directly at Transit.Comment@jocogov.org, or through the comment box beneath the survey. Your voice is important, and we thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with us!



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