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County Communications Center

County Communications Center

Street Address: 11880 S. Sunset Drive (Google Map)
City: Olathe
State: KS
Zip Code: 66061
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., except major holidays

The County Communications Center (CCC) will provide a state-of-the-art 911 and communications facility for the Johnson County Sheriff’s office which dispatches for 9 other law enforcement agencies, Olathe Police Department, and Johnson County Emergency Communications Center which dispatches for all 14 fire/EMS agencies in the County.  An Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between Johnson County and the City of Olathe established an Executive Committee comprised of the chief executives of the three agencies for the purpose of developing facility polices and interagency operating procedures.  The County owns the building and is responsible for its maintenance and operating costs.

The CCC was designed to provide a shared environment for use by all public safety agencies in Johnson County that chose to either co-locate their communications operations there or to use it as a back-up Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for their primary dispatch centers.  The CCC was also designed to provide essential equipment needed for communications interoperability between local government agencies and with agencies in the greater Kansas City region.

The CCC is a design-build effort by PGAV Architects and McCown Gordon Construction, both based in Kansas City.  The building has several layers of redundancy factored into its construction.  It is served by two AT&T central offices for 911 redundancy and 911 trunks are provided via fiber services.  Two 750 KW back-up generators provide emergency power for all systems in the building, and the CCC also has dual Uninterruptible Power Systems, air handling systems and chiller units.  The facility is the master site for the new Countywide P25, 700 MHz radio system currently under implementation. The building design was based on industry standards such as Motorola R56 and NFPA 1221. 

Two types of construction make up the new building.  The administrative and technical staffs are located in conventionally constructed areas while operations staff and equipment are located within a “hardened” shell designed to withstand F4 tornado winds.  

The hardened portion houses the dispatch operations area which has approximately 7,000 square feet of floor space for thirty-one console positions and two additional overflow/back-up/training rooms that have another five console positions each.  Future modifications to dispatch supervisor office spaces in the hardened part of the building would add an additional sixteen console positions when additional consoles are needed.  The building has a very secure computer equipment room that is approximately 4,500 square feet and is designed to house radio, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), computer network, 9-1-1 Plant CML Patriot system, and disaster recovery computer systems for many of the cities in Johnson County.  The hardened area also houses a back-up County Emergency Operations Center.

The CCC will be the first 911 center in the Kansas City region to use a VoIP based 911 systems that will be capable of providing Next Generation capable 911 services. The CCC will also be the future site for one of two 911 selective routers that serve the nine county Kansas City regional 911 system.  

The building is expected to achieve a LEED Silver certification and features a “green” or vegetated roof that will contribute to a longer roof life, reduce storm water runoff, and improve thermal performance of the building.

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