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I work in Johnson County but do not live in the county. Can I sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine?

Anyone age 12+ can make an appointment at jocogov.org/covidvaccine.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now available to children age 12 and older in Kansas. Appointments can be scheduled at jocogov.org/covidvaccine or visit us during walk-in hours. A parent/guardian must sign the vaccine consent form for any child under the age of 18: dispenseassist.net/Covid.html.

Children age 15 and younger receiving a COVID-19 vaccination must be accompanied by an adult. A parent/guardian is preferable; however, the parent/guardian may designate a non-parent adult on the consent form to be present at the time of vaccination if the parent/guardian is unavailable.

Please see our “How do I get a vaccine?” page for links to health care systems and pharmacies offering the vaccine.