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How do I schedule my second dose of COVID-19 vaccine?

Your second dose of vaccine is due on or after the due date on the back of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. You should receive all recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for the most protection.

If you received your first dose from the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE), then your second dose is automatically scheduled for the same time at the vaccination site in Lenexa (15500 W. 108th Street) either three weeks after the first dose if you received a Pfizer vaccine or four weeks after the first dose if you received a Moderna vaccine. Please see our "How do I get my second dose?" page for more second dose information or if you need to reschedule your second dose appointment.

Please bring your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card and a printed and signed COVID-19 vaccine consent form with you to your second dose appointment.

Ideally, you want to get the second dose within a few days of the due date, but current CDC recommendations say you can get the second dose up to 42 days after your first dose.