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It is the policy of the BOCC for the County to plan issuance of special obligation revenue bonds according to the following guidelines:

  1. Special obligation revenue bonds, those bonds for which the County incurs no financial or moral obligation, should be issued only if the associated development projects can be shown to be financially feasible and contributing substantially to the welfare and economic development of the County and its citizens.
  2. Written assurances should be received that the proposed project will contribute to the economic goals of the County and to the growth of employment and other services for the citizens.
  3. Adequate financial feasibility studies should be performed for each project to provide assurances as to the financial viability of the project, and the marketability of the bonds.
  4. Adequate written assurances should be obtained that the users of the project are financially viable, financially committed to the project, and that the property will be used for its intended purpose for an extended period.