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Johnson County receives KDOT funds to replace air traffic technology

Johnson County Government received grant funding from the Kansas Department of Transportation to modernize equipment at New Century AirCenter Control Tower.

The funding — totaling $148,680 — will finance most of the project’s total cost of $165,200. With KDOT’s grant, the county will replace New Century AirCenter’s control tower voice switching system and backup radio transceiver. The voice switch is the primary interface of the radios, telephone and data lines between the tower, aircraft in the air and on the ground, Kansas City Approach/Departure Control at MCI, and Kansas City Center Controllers. 

“We are grateful for this important partnership with the Kansas Department of Transportation Division of Aviation to replace this crucial piece of infrastructure in the New Century AirCenter tower,” said acting assistant county manager Aaron Otto. “New Century is the third busiest towered airport in Kansas and this modernization will provide more reliable services to the airport’s pilots.”

The Johnson County Commission approved a contract with Wolen LLC to complete the system replacements at New Century AirCenter — which will now be funded on a 90/10 funding split KDOT/Airport Funds through the KDOT grant.

“Aviation safety is a critical piece of Kansas’ economy. Johnson County airports deliver 25 percent of Kansas towered-airport operations — producing over $212 million in economic impact and 1,152 Kansas jobs. We are very happy to partner with Johnson County to increase flight safety for this part of the state aviation system,” said Bob Brock, KDOT Director of Aviation.

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