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County Services List

Walk-In Services: Pregnancy Testing 913-826-1200 Health and Environment
Walk-In Services: STD Testing and Treatment 913-826-1200 Health and Environment
Walk-In Services: Travel Immunizations 913-826-1261 Health and Environment
Wastewater's Backup Prevention Program 913-715-8637 Wastewater
Wastewater: Commercial Customer Service 913-715-8590 Wastewater
Wastewater: Direct Debit 913-715-8590 Wastewater
Wastewater: Growth and Development Projects (913) 715-8541 Wastewater
Wastewater: Sanitary Sewer Residential Permitting 913-715-8520 Wastewater
Wastewater: Tours 913-715-8590 Wastewater
We Recommend 913-826-4600 Library
Weatherization Program 1-888-833-0832 Human Services
Wi-Fi at all Library Locations 913-826-4600 Library
WIC Community Garden 913-715-7028 Health and Environment
WIC Questions and Concerns 913-477-8330 (Olathe) or 913-826-1302 (Mission) Health and Environment
Work Release Program: Adult Corrections 913-715-4501 Department of Corrections
Youth Court 913-715-7432 District Courts